Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cream of the Crop

Kitty cats, as a prepubescent adolescent being exposed to the powers of MTV for the very first time, I was bombarded with images of the belly-baring Britney and the shimmy-shaking Shakira; both of whom seemed to share a fondness for crop tops that left the tummy exposed to tease the world – or at least whatever cute boys happened to be in your midst at that point in time. At that impressionable young age, it was enough for me to believe that no other accoutrement could top the fabulosity of the crop. Yet by the time I was of age to don one myself, I was uninterested in the look, and turned the other cheek. American Apparel has imposed a change of heart in my world. Once more I am convinced that the tops in question are truly the cream of the crop!

Riller & Fount “Kirby Crop Top” There is quite a bit to be said for a design that manages to bridge the gap between slouchy and seductive and comfortable and cozy, Riller & Fount’s Kirby Crop Top is it. While sporty in its aesthetic; the versatile charcoal heather hue coupled with the long sleeves and scoop-neck make it a simple style to morph from situation to situation – say inelegant slumming to an enchanting night on the town – with just a few minute adjustments or add-ons in the accessories department. Pair it with leggings and over the knee boots for a look that lengthens or toss it on over a skintight tank in a contrasting color for a touch of volume mixed with an offbeat, ethereal vibe.

Free People “Sheer Batiste Crop Top” Too many associate crop tops with afternoons or evenings spent sweating at the gym. The truth of the matter is that there is no rule stating that crop tops are solely sporty; they have the ability to be sophisticated and chic, as well – case in point Free People’s Sheer Batiste Crop Top. Forgoing the typical cotton or jersey fabrication, the Sheer Batiste Crop Top is constructed out of a semitransparent, sheer gauze which features ruching around the hem, shoulders, and back; and dips into 3/4 dolman sleeves sporting elastic banded cuffs which match that found around the hem. The silhouette is very earthy and free-spirited; perfect for pairing with distressed jeans for the ideal bohemian silhouette.

Wildfox Couture “It’s Only Rock – Cropped Jock Sweatshirt” Resisting the lure of Wildfox Couture is simply not an option. Even without the stellar photography displaying their designs in a more than fabulous light I would find it nearly impossible to resist their playful, oftentimes retro tops, and cropped offerings – especially the It’s Only Rock – Cropped Jock Sweatshirt. Like something out of Grease, the It’s Only Rock – Cropped Jock Sweatshirt is reminiscent of the letter jackets worn proudly by the popular boys whom we always lusted over. The vintage varsity wash has a weatherbeaten ambiance to it that is more suave than sloppy; while the contrasting shade around the hem and collar offset the fading to create one magnificent morsel you’ll never want to take off!

American Apparel “Interlock Zip Shoulder Crop Top” Darlings it would be downright devious of me not to include the design that started it all; the style which reawakened my obsession with crop tops and has virtually transformed my wardrobe into something more fabulous than I ever could have imagined – the Interlock Zip Shoulder Crop Top. Please don’t allow the zipper details about the shoulders to frighten you away. I am one who has never been fond of epaulets, and while the placement of these silver hardware embellishments is synonymous with that of the military-style, the effect is quite different – yet striking nonetheless. The one-size-fits-all piece is the perfect way to flaunt your toned tummy; or if you’re a bit bashful simply layer it over something stunning – like the Nylon Spandex Stretch Floral Lace Unitard. No matter how you wear it you’re sure to turn heads!

Pencey “Bow Tee” It is nearly impossible to imagine a crop top that works as evening wear, but Pencey’s Bow Tee is somewhat of an exception to the rule. While lacking the sequins or shimmer that are so often akin to pieces worn once night falls, the Bow Tee retains more of an urbane, Blair Waldorf influenced cut courtesy of the cuffed short sleeves, contrasting taupe toned mesh bow which is laced daintily at the front, and matching mesh detailing on the shoulders. As a whole, the black/nude shades juxtapose between light and airy and dark and domineering, a variation that could be awkward in another form, but works in the most mesmerizing of ways in this configuration – especially when paired with slightly baggy tailored black slacks.

Ready to join the crop top revolution, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop, Wildfox Couture, and American Apparel for the pictures.

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