Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bjorn Borg or Bust

I have always been one to salivate over lacy underpinnings that are romantic and frilly with a few strategically placed ruffles here and there. Basically, the underwear version of a scrummy cupcake. Since Miriam over at Insider’s Journal sent me a pair of the Fun Stretch Hipster Brief 7-2013, however, I have had a slight change of heart. Sure, I still love the divine look and feel of dainty, charming offerings; but sometimes something a little more rugged is preferred.

Having always viewed hipsters from afar, I had no idea just how comfortable they could be until I slipped on this pair. Now, I can barely bring myself to part with them. Not only are they flattering and adorable; they’re available in so many colors that you can keep your drawers stocked for years to come. These black ones are chic in a Calvin Klein way, and the rainbow-colored elastic waistband adds a splash of fun to an otherwise stark backdrop; while other pieces in the collection appear more girly, such as the baby pink and white checkmarks seen here or the pastels displayed here.

I am so thrilled with these that I’m now contemplating the purchase of a pair in the Marie Antoinette inspired Aurora Pink, or a tantalizing print. Worn under your favorite jeans, or paired with a tiny tank for those warm, lazy days spent loafing around the house, these are the undergarment equivalent of the morning coffee that jumpstarts your day. Besides, you can never have too many pairs of underwear!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Fresh Pair for the picture.

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