Monday, May 4, 2009

The Key Club

When I was in grade school I collected keychains that were kept locked up in an old wooden box, not to be used by anyone; they were simply there to be admired from afar. I suppose with age my tastes became more refined, for now the under-ten dollar keychains that used to make me so happy have been replaced by Tiffany Keys.

Keys hold an element of suspense. They possess a hint of mystery. They activate alluring thoughts; and bring to mind hushed whispers and secrets that enshroud the rich and beautiful crowd. They represent privilege, prestige, and intrigue. They open doors to exclusivity and scandal. Tiffany Keys are no exception to this.

Breathtaking pendants that make an appearance in gold, silver, platinum, or diamond, and adorned with Celtic designs that are undeniably magical; these are the ideal way to hand your loved one the key to your (high-priced) heart.

The Quatrefoil Key Pendant has already won mine; which Tiffany Key has captured your heart?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Selfridges for the pictures.

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