Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goddess for a Day

At three I announced that I was going to be a princess. Five marked the year that I set up my own makeshift school in the garage and pretended that I was a teacher. The year I turned eight I was convinced that I would be a pop star despite the fact that my vocal talents? Kind of non-existent. From there I flip-flopped from veterinarian to psychologist; fashion designer to writer; and a handful of other careers that have come and gone from my life. But I have had an awakening of sorts; perhaps driven by my love of Greek mythology. My new career du jour? Goddess.

Keith Lissner “Annie” How one can even attempt to be a Goddess without the proper attire is inconceivable to me. And by proper attire, I mean this divine Annie Dress from Chicago-born designer Keith Lissner. One shoulder. Metallic. Silk chiffon. Pleated. When it comes to being a goddess, Annie is the piece de resistance of dresses. The material seemingly cascades over your body; while the slight ruffled ruching at the shoulder and wide ribbon cinching the waist provide just the right amount of detailing that is undeniably decadent. I’ll be dreaming of Annie tonight...will you?

House of Harlow 1960 “Brass Seven-Strand Coin Head Piece” A legitimate goddess one cannot be without the consummate piece of headwear. A crown would be something left to a princess; a more befitting piece for a goddess is this Brass Seven-Strand Coin Head Piece from Nicole Richie’s heavenly House of Harlow 1960 line. Handcrafted out of teeny-tiny brushed brass coin charms this makes for the quintessential accessory for any wannabe goddess. And the best part? It manages to look glorious when topping just about any hair color or style imaginable.

Forever 21 “Lexi Leaf Necklace” Greek goddesses of history were known for wearing leaves in their hair. You’ve already got the headpiece covered; so a lovely place for the leaves to rest? Around your throat via this Lexi Leaf Necklace, of course. Stunning texturized gold leaves cause quite a stir in this statement necklace that features a cluster of fabulous foliage draped haphazardly in an elegant fashion. And the choker-like length makes it noticeable even from across a crowded room. This is a polished bauble worthy of worship.

Diba “Betsie Belle” I have never been able to embrace the style of Gladiator sandals (please feel free to convince me otherwise); regardless, I am obsessed with metallic wedges, and believe that they have the power to transform just about any outfit into something ethereal yet fun. Case in point, these Betsie Belle beauties from Diba. The disc-like ornamenting along the straps? Delicious. The glittering gold color? Gorgeous. The height? Handsome. The partial cork wedge? Perfect. The adjustable ankle strap? Absolute. There is no question about it these pretties are the ultimate in goddess footwear. Besides, little Annie would be lonely without them.

Roberto Cavalli “Serpent Bracelet Clutch” What did the serpent represent in Greek mythology? The earth. Since my earth is all consumed with thoughts of handbags, I find it only necessary to pay tribute to this mythological infused Serpent Bracelet Clutch. A typical gold satin foldover clutch, this shimmering piece of splendor harbors a little secret. The gold serpent that serves as the adorable wristlet? Well, it doubles as an enchanting, detachable bracelet. Sure, it may be $965, but think of it as two pleasing pieces in one. We all know Aphrodite would.

What makes you feel like a goddess?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Keith Lissner, Kitson, Forever 21, Zappos, and Net-A-Porter for the pictures.

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