Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cowgirl for a Day

I will admit it. I choose the glorious sounds of indie rock over that of a twangy guitar. I identify more with a city slicker than a country bumpkin. I have never been up close and personal with a cow, goose, lamb, or pig. And I prefer gingham to be on a picnic blanket as opposed to my top. Yet for some unidentifiable reason, I have decided that what I truly want to be is...a cowgirl. Okay, so maybe I don’t want to learn how to round-up cows or churn butter. But there is one cowgirl-inspired accessory that I’m just itching to call my own...cowboy boots!

Steve Madden "Lonestar" I may not be from the Lonestar State , but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be one lonely girl if I don’t have these camel-colored beauties lurking in my closet. As if the stitch detailing covering the entire 13-inch shaft of these charmers isn’t appealing enough; the blinding shine and the 2.25 inch heel most certainly do the trick. Paired with a purple cotton sundress? Adorable. Coupled with a worn-in pair of skinnies? Chic. They’re multifaceted and magnificent. Oh Stevie, you have such a way with footwear.

Frye "Billy Vintage Pull On Western Boots" In the words of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, “hello gorgeous.” What are the chances of finding a pair of gray cowboy boots? Slim to none. Thus, these need to come home with me now. I’ve wanted to go gray – in terms of footwear, of course – for the past few months, and this is the ideal way to do so. Distressed. Pebbled. Gray, glorious gray. Spotted with splendid stitching here, there, and everywhere. Somebody pinch me; I must be dreaming!

"Brown Camel Slouchy Cowboy Boot" So you want to be a cowgirl but you want to retain your glamorous persona? Look no further. GoJane’s Brown Camel Slouchy Cowboy Boot is the answer to our beautified cowboy boot dreams. No steel toes here, girls! In place of the typical atrocity is a toe made up of gold metallic splendor. The slouchy suede shaft discreetly transforms into a divine distressed leather upper and bottom. And the stitching? White contrasting, of course. I never thought that I would refer to a boot as being yummy, but these are fully scrumptious; as is their price - $14.99. I’m tempted into buying more than one pair – three perhaps?

"Brianda Slouched Boots"I like to think of these babies as the anti-cowboy boot. Sure, they have all the appeal of traditional western wear; but the slouchy shaft provides a very citified, well-coiffed look, as does the chunky heel. I am so ready to kick up my heels and rock these with my dark wash denim mini. But the best part? They are absolutely perfect if you’re looking to get down and dirty on the farm, as the slick black color would look pigpen chic if splattered with a few drops of mud and some dirt. Versatile, cute. What more could you ask for?

Lucchese "N4536 4/4" Contrary to popular belief, pink cowboy boots? They’re not just for toddlers. Case in point, these Lucchese jaw-droppers. Here they’re fuchsia. Here they’re baby pink. Over here there’s a splash of peach. Oh, and let’s not forget the swirly designs. Or how amazing the bright pink of the boot looks in contrast to the dark black of the sole and heel. Face it, with footwear like this who needs personality? Your shoes will surely steal the show!

Who wants to be a cowgirl with me?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Steve Madden, Shopbop, GoJane, Forever 21, and Zappos for the pictures.

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