Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cocktails with Lola and George

Perhaps I’m lost in space. Or maybe I’ve simply gone back to the future. Quite frankly, it makes no difference to me either way. All I know is that I am unquestionably over the moon for the futuristic creations of Carla Taylor (aka the brainchild behind the glamorous Lola and George line); and want to share my joy with the world. So a teeny tiny off the cuff interview? Obviously a flawless and completely fitting style for spreading my Lola and George-obsessed gospel.

Why the name Lola and George?
Carla: Lola is someone I would imagine to be sultry and coquette. George...oh, George is debonair. The name of the company embodies elegance, timelessness, and kitsch. The pertinent question is “Are you a Lola, or are you a George?”

When/how did you start Lola and George?
C: Lola and George began in 2002. I had been on a creative streak and decided to start revamping vintage findings into contemporary pieces. I was a bit broke, and needed something beautiful to update my look. After getting a few great compliments, I started making them for friends as gifts. It all grew from there.

What type of childhood did you have to get you interested in jewelry design?
C: My mom encouraged me to paint, draw, sculpt, and photograph from the time I was 4. She let me partake in very destructive creative ventures. I loved to mix her lipstick with perfume and baby powder to get the most glorious paint. I pretty much live and breathe all things art, but I let it come to me fairly organically. I would be the crazy woman on the side of the road talking to the birds if I could.

What’s on your wish list right now?
C: I think a Vena Cava Black Abata Gown (please feel free to add a spiral staircase to this fantasy). Also, I love the Topshop Dolce Vita Buenos Aires Jumpsuit. And because I am a bonafide Las Vegan, Alexandra Neel Cleopatra Fringe Stilettos.

Can you describe the ultimate Lola and George wearer?
C: An existential crisis made me really consider this seven years ago. I strongly believe in karma and that all things are as they should be. All I can do is love every moment of the creative process, and hopefully the piece will end up where it is supposed to go.

What do you love to read?
C: I read mostly books. Right now I am reading Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos. I love Nylon magazine. And, like every good girl, I subscribe to Vogue.

What are your favorite tools/materials to work with?
C: I love working with paper. Origami is surprisingly complicated. It is quite meditative. I also think that if I can effectively manipulate paper, the physics of wire will come more naturally to me.

What is your go to accessory?
C: Heels and hoops.

What inspires/influences what you create for the Lola and George line?
C: Right now, my fall inspiration is coming from an 80’s George Michael video. Astronomy, Georgia O’Keefe, travel, music, Sophia Loren, and quantum physics have all been great influences.

Favorite places to shop?
C: Vintage stores, showgirl depots, Lululemon.

What is the mission of Lola and George?
C: Our goal is simply to make you feel gorgeous.

Any advice for girls who love fashion/design?
C: Try anything once and do it boldly without apologies. Remember, judgment is the end of creativity.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Lola and George for the pictures.

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