Monday, May 25, 2009

Blue Crush

As blue as the sky on a bright, clear, cloud-free morning. As sparkly as the ocean when struck by a ray of sunlight. As breathtaking as the anticipation of a first kiss.

If you guessed that I was talking about a priceless new relic debuting at the Met, you’d be wrong. Rather, I’m referring to my newest acquisition. Of the cocktail ring variety.

It arrived on Friday morning. Just shy of the twelve-noon mark. I, typing away at the computer, was interrupted by the loud ringing of the doorbell. Quick as a flash I dashed to the front door, and found the tiny box staring up at me. Before even reading the address label, I knew what it was, and where it had come from.

Tape and wrapping were torn and tossed away creating a scene much like the one made by tiny tots on Christmas morning. Before I knew it, I had reached the prize. Like finding a toy in the Cracker Jacks box; only this was no toy. The white, stiff-cardboard box was perforated with the word; a baby blue satin ribbon tied in a pretty little bow on top.

I slowly, carefully lifted the lid to find a deep blue velvet box like none I have ever seen before. Opening the top made me flashback on the Pretty Woman scene where Richard Gere lifts the lid of a cream-colored jewelry box to expose a decadent diamond necklace, only to snap it closed on Julia Roberts’ gloved hand. I cracked the lid, and there it was in all of its glittering 8 7/8 Carat Smokey Quartz & Sky Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring.

Dramatic and daring. Smoldering and sassy. Subtle and sweet. How one ring manages to embody each and every one of these things is almost incomprehensible to me; but it does. The blue topaz is light, and quite reminiscent of a large piece of frozen ice. The smokey brown quartz clusters seemingly orbit the paler shade, producing a delicious contrast. When hit by the sun, the darker color manages to appear almost golden. Set on a scrummy sterling silver band and backdrop that is ultimately too good to be true.

Despite the fact that I am not doing anything special tomorrow – simply going to work; I have already decided that the beautiful bauble that will be sitting upon my finger? My under-$100 piece of perfection, of course. I can already hear the excited screams and shouts of my co-workers as a mini-riot ensues due to the irresistible charm of my little lovely.

What piece do you want to take home with you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to for the pictures.

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