Sunday, May 24, 2009

Penny for Your Thoughts

I have many summertime rituals. Sleeping for a few days straight to de-stress from nine months of studying. Launching a Gossip Girl marathon, followed by a day full of chick flicks. Lounging about in my pajamas for weeks on end. But the most popular summertime ritual in my book is my penchant for re-reading Beverly Cleary’s 1950’s based Young Love Quartet - Fifteen, Jean and Johnny, The Luckiest Girl, and Sister of the Bride. While each book is about a different girl, each character had one thing in affinity for donning penny loafers with everything from flowy skirts to capris. Which makes me wonder if adding this retro, menswear inspired footwear into our wardrobe would make us just as lucky in love as Barbara, Jane, Jean, and Shelley.

Women's Sperry Top-Sider "Authentic Original Harborside" I have often viewed penny loafers as a confining form of footwear that often come off as dark and dowdy; these Women’s Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Harborside’s have completely changed my mind. The white patent is compatible with any casual outfit you may have lying around in your dresser drawers – from jeans to capris, and short shorts to skirts – but the clincher is the fact that aside from the patent leather bits, the top and sides are made up of a matching mesh material that makes it easy for your feet to breath – even when the weather turns outrageously warm!

Enzo Angiolini "Lizzia" Perhaps the true reason that I fell in love with these Enzo Angiolini Lizzia’s has to do with my passion for Chanel’s Two-Tone Ballerina Flats, but I am completely head over heels with the updated look that these manage to disperse. The black is rich and chic looking; while the quilted white tongue and trim makes for a nice color contrast. The little black bow tassel adornment is, in my opinion, the best decorative touch, as it adds a sense of femininity to an otherwise masculine style. I would love to wear these with black skinny jeans and a black turtleneck.

Tory Burch "Clayton Anthracite Leather" Some say that black, white, navy blue, and gray are always staples in a girls wardrobe. In my opinion, a nice sparkly metallic should be tossed into the mix as well. Like the aforementioned base colors, metallics manage to add a little oomph to anything and everything, be it your worn-in jeans, or your brand new mini. Hence the reason why these Tory Burch Clayton Anthracite Leather are the perfect addition to any girls closet. The color is neither gold nor silver; it’s more of an in-between pewter that is classically beautiful – much like the penny loafer style itself. My mind is made up, I really think I need these.

Roxy "Penny" Over the years I have realized that Roxy is synonymous with three things:




So it is no surprise that their contribution to the world of penny loafers would be a pastel-colored piece of paradise. I am currently lusting after the Regatta Blue, as it is the color of the sky, water, and most of my wardrobe; though the Aspen Gold is also irresistible with its bright, sunshiny persona. The patent leather upper is slick, shiny, and splendrous; and the white contrasting stitching is, in my mind, simply irresistible. The fact that these are only $47.95 a pair makes me want to buy them in every color!

Charlotte Russe "Penny Loafer Pumps" Sure it may not be the exact style that June Cleaver trotted around in on Leave It to Beaver; but for the girl who wants penny loafer style without sacrificing height, these Charlotte Russe Penny Loafer Pumps are perfect, perfect, perfect! And I’m not just saying that because I am absolutely smitten with the candy apple red color and black contrasting stitching. They really are perfect. And, unlike the typical penny loafer, you’re able to wear these for a night out on the town with your pals, or that cutie you’ve been crushing on for the past month.

What are your thoughts on the penny loafer?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shoebuy, Zappos, Jildor Shoes, and Charlotte Russe for the pictures.

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