Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bank On It

I need to stop spending money. Putting it away in banks isn’t helping much thanks to two little things called ATM cards and checks. So I thought a different method may be of more use. Piggy banks. Sure, they’re slightly childish, and a little tempting due to the fact that they’re so accessible. But, if you buy one that’s super cute – like all of these – refraining from swiping a little cash from your stash would be a breeze. After all, who could take a hammer to something as sweet, delicate, dainty, and adorable as these little banks?

Now that I have spotted the Piggy Bank Collection from Pottery Barn Kids, I’m unsure as to how I ever survived all of these years without one of these little oinkers taking up space in my bedroom. These are such a tres chic way of saving money; popping up in classic colors such as white with black polka dots, or pink with white polka dots. I have already decided to spring for the Jumbo Pink with White Polka Dots as it is quite possibly the piggy bank of my dreams.

Do you ever get a happy feeling just from looking at an inanimate object? For some reason, that’s exactly how I feel when I look at this Unique Sitting Spot Yorkie Farm Pig from Piggy Bank of America. The expression on his face is just so cheerful and happy-go-lucky that I can’t help but feel absolutely cheerful just from gazing at him. In fact, between his giddy grin and carefree posture, I can’t help but feel as if he’s trying to tell me something. Attempting to convince me to take him home, perhaps?

This Always a Princess Jewel Crown Piggy Bank from speaks to me on so many levels. Not only is this little piggy wearing a big pink bow, but she is also dressed in black mary-janes adorned with pink bows, ruffled pink socks, and a jeweled tiara. There are also pink rhinestones dotting her body, as well as silver crown motifs. Oh yeah, and she has eyelashes. Enough said. This could be the piggy bank version of myself.

What better reason to keep a piggy bank than for saving money for those rainy days when all you feel like doing is spending a little cash on something that will warm you from your head to your toes – even if it’s just a fancy cup of coffee? That’s the first thing that sprang to mind when I spotted this Rainy Day Piggy Bank from Take A Stroll. The blue raindrops almost look like tears on the cute little piggy’s face; but the pretty yellow, pink, and blue hand-painted umbrellas shed a happy vibe on the entire piece – something that makes me feel good about saving money!

I have always loved the way the colors pink and brown looked together, so falling in love with this Chocolate Piggy Bank from Baby Gift Station was, well, kind of a given. In fact, the color is so rich and decadent that I get hungry just looking at it. Probably just as hungry as she’ll get when she hears me coming towards her with a pocketful of change.

What do you plan on saving up for?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Pottery Barn Kids, Piggy Bank of America,, Take A Stroll, and Baby Gift Station for the pictures.

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