Friday, April 3, 2009

Tulle Time

I have just found a way to fulfill my lifelong dreams of becoming a ballerina. Forever 21’s Tulle Ballet Skirt is the answer to my prayers. The black tiered soft mesh tulle and elastic waistband bound in black satin is the crème de la crème of skirts. It doesn’t hurt that this is a timeless piece of fashion that can easily look glamorous paired with ballerina flats or pumps; polo shirts or tanks; even tights and tunics!

If you’re teeny tiny, and want a little burst of color, these fuchsia-colored, tutu-inspired pieces from Gapkids (the Tiered Tulle Skirt, left, and the Satiny Waisted Tulle Skirt, right) may just pique your interest. The billowy frills simply make me want to hop on stage and take a bow, or do a little pirouette that will send this bouncy piece of perfection skyward. Yes, it’s certainly time for a little tulle.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Forever 21 and Teen Fashionista Grows Up for the pictures.

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