Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend

I did, however, steal his pants.

Boyfriend jeans are like a girls’ savior when she’s in the throes of feeling frumpy instead of fabulous, and would rather spend the day in sweatpants or their denim alternative instead of even attempting to shimmy into her prized skinny jeans. But finding the perfect pair can be a challenge in and of itself that leaves you huffy and whiny – two things that never look flattering on a girl. So here are a few no-fail selections that your closet – and your bottom half – are simply calling for.

AG Adriano Goldschmied “Tomboy Jean” Okay, so I just fell in love. With a pair of pants. These Tomboy Jeans are possibly one of the cutest pairs of pants I have ever seen. The whiskering that makes the dark color fade to light and vice versa gives them such an authentic, worn-in feel; and the fact that they look incredible when worn cuffed or straight make them completely versatile, and painstakingly coveted. This piece of denim glory gives a whole new meaning to the word tomboy.

Current / Elliott “Super Loved Destroyed” I have never been one to embrace the grungy, destroyed, worn denim look. In fact, under normal circumstances, I turn the tattered fashion away, looking for something a little more sleek and pulled together. Current / Elliott have changed that for me. These Super Loved Destroyed pair, while obviously distressed, are done so in a stylish way. These are, to me, the perfect boyfriends. Not too much bulge. Not too much bag. And the holes, while obviously present, do not bring to mind disheveled disaster but sophisticated style. I am just itching to pair these with a flowy, empire waist top to add a slice of romanticism to the look.

Black Orchid “Opal Black Out Boyfriend” I’m not going to lie, I have a thing for white jeans. That being said, I’m just going to overlook the fact that I have never seen a guy wear white pants before (have you?) and say that these Opal Black Out Boyfriends are an exquisite addition to the boyfriend jean craze. The fact that they manage to keep a feminine shape, while at the same time retaining a loose, laid-back appeal make them a winner in my book – and a must-have, as well!

What Comes Around Goes Around “Vintage Boyfriend 501 Feather Jean” The inclusion of these Vintage Boyfriend 501 Feather Jean truly goes against everything I stand for, as I am a dark wash denim fanatic, and don’t really care for the destroyed look; but just one glance at this light wash offering from What Comes Around Goes Around sporting multiple holes, tears, and rips, and I was hooked. Maybe it’s the pairing with the Converse low-tops that invokes thoughts of males the world over, but to me these are the epitome of the term boyfriend jean; and I couldn’t be more infatuated with them.

Genetic Denim “Charlie Dominant Button Fly Straight Leg Jean” We’ve all seen them. The hipster boys with the rocking hair, who always have the jeans that we wish we could find during our weekly shopping sprees, yet never seem to. Well girls – surprise surprise – here they are. These Charlie Dominant Button Fly Straight Leg Jeans are the denim of our dreams. They’re fitted yet relaxed; feminine yet airy; baggy yet body-hugging. In other words...they’re perfect.

I can’t wait for everyone to meet my new about you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Amazon, Shopbop, and for the pictures.

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