Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dressmaker Dreams

I declared that I was going to be a fashion designer at the tender age of six, and was promptly given a Singer Toy Sewing Machine which had non-working moments, moments of violence where it would prick my finger, and moments where it would complete a stitch or two before falling apart. In reality, I believe that what I wanted more than a sewing machine was a dress form. Something lifesize and lovely; similar to the ones I had spotted numerous times during model home tours where they were used as a chic piece of d├ęcor. My dreams of being a fashion designer have since passed, but my love for dress forms is still alive, kicking, and ready to be fulfilled.

I am truly convinced that this Vintage Iron Dress Form is destined to reside in a quaint little cottage surrounded by fields of purple and red flowers. The creamy white backdrop is just begging to be decorated with bright colors. I’m thinking that a sash cinched around the waist, or a few faux flowers threaded through its bars may be just the thing it needs to bring this beauty to life.

Bulletin boards are a necessity in my daily life. I use them to post reminders to myself; hang pictures of friends and family, and about ten thousand other things. But those typical cork-made bulletin boards? So boring. I want to use these Dress Forms from PB Teen instead. The colors are very Lilly Pulitzer, while the design is absolutely perfect for the fashionista who wants to organize her life!

This Wrought Iron 33-Inch Dress Form is the epitome of Parisian high fashion. The bodice is covered in vine-inspired scrollwork, while the flared skirt is simple, sweet, and slightly sassy. This is one of those pieces that needs absolutely nothing to enhance its beauty – just a fabulous home to call its own.

I am a ballerina at heart, and have been since birth. Though Babette’s Petite Boutique Dress Form was made with a twirling tiny tot in mind, I believe that it deserves a private little nook of its own in my bedroom. Nothing will adorn this beauty. It will remain as is, and be placed in an area where I can gaze upon it day or night; picturing myself dancing the part of Clara in The Nutcracker.

There is something so necessary about a desk or nightstand embellished with a unique piece that will turn heads. I believe that this Tres Chic Table Dress Form from PB Teen is it. Mimicking the vintage mannequins of Paris , these come complete with loopy wire bows around their waist, and a desire to be trimmed with everything from retro brooches to creamy pearls, and bright sunglasses to love letters.

How will you decorate your dress form?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Iron Accents, PB Teen, Iron Arboretum, and Posh Tots for the pictures.

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