Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Candy Land

Queen Frostine was always the more elegant and sophisticated character in the Candy Land board game, but I usually found myself eager to play Princess Lolly, as she was sweet, reminded me of gumdrops, and was colorful and kind through and through. Plus, I believe that she would truly appreciate living in the Candy Land inspired house I plan on creating using items from Jellio.

They used to taste like cardboard, and were truly empty calories, but that didn’t stop me from purchasing those dot candies from the corner store when I was younger. Just ripping the rainbow-colored sugar dots from that white sheet of wax paper (which always ended up in your mouth due to the fact that it never truly separated from the candy) thrilled me. Almost as much as the discovery of this Button Bench. The white bench is sleek and modern, but it’s the bright pink, blue, and yellow life-size rubber dots that adorn it which make me hungry for my childhood. Even better is the fact that the dots squish down like a deflated handball when you sit on them, then pop back into original form to add a little three-dimensional flavor to the entire piece.

I’ve always wanted to live in a house upholstered in cupcake material. This Cupcake Seat partly fulfills that dream. The divine chocolate frosting (made out of molded rubber) is lifelike enough to eat, while the selection of cupcake liner colors varies from pink to blue and just about everything in-between. I’ve decided that this would be the most decadent location to flip through Rachael Ray Magazine, watch Food Network marathons, or simply indulge in scrummy desserts. The only thing it needs is a scratch and sniff surface that sends whiffs of sugary frosting into the air whenever you touch it!

Yes, I have mentioned them before, but I simply cannot get enough of these sweet GummiLights. Even if they were simply a room decoration, with no light to expel, they would be one of my favorite items on the planet, but the fact that they double as a lamp makes me eager to make one – or all of them – my very own. If I have to choose just one, of course I’ll go with the pink; but, ideally, I want to take all eight home.

No room is complete without a treasured little table to store fashion magazines on. With that in mind, I have decided that, in keeping with my sweet treats, Candy Land-like theme, this Cupcake Table would do the trick famously. This table reminds me of my childhood dreams where I would wake-up to find a life-size cupcake sitting in my bedroom just waiting to be devoured. Shaped like a giant cupcake liner/wrapper that comes in an assortment of ten colors – orange, red, pink lime green, silver, violet, baby blue, brown, yellow, or metallic silver (I’m sure you know which color I want) – and topped with either frosted or clear glass, this is the type of modern, art deco like piece of furniture that would make your place the talk of the town. Plus, it may just be the ideal hint to your pals as to what you’d like them to bring during their next visit – fresh-baked cupcakes!

Who was your favorite Candy Land character? But, more importantly, how do you think you’d feel living in a sweet treats inspired house?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Jellio for the pictures.

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