Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hoods Up!

When I first wrote about hood scarves here, I had yet to experience the type of weather which actually called for such heavy-duty accoutrement; now I have – and darlings, I truly see the error of my ways by not having splurged on one sooner. With blustery winds reaching an amazing 40 MPH just last week, perhaps I could have avoided two horrifyingly bad, windswept hair days if only armed with a chunky knit retaining the ability to make me look refined as opposed to rumpled despite the outrageous gusts blowing me every which way. But alas, I was unprepared, and had to suffer the humiliation of a yield-sign shaped ‘do – not a good look on anyone. I truly cannot allow any of you to succumb to the same sort of mane mishaps that nearly had me in tears; thus…hoods up!

Filippa K “Hood Scarf” Please bear with me as I make un petit confession, as I know it sounds downright bizarre, but I’ve always had an obsession with accessories which provide a very cocoon-like warmth to them – bits and pieces that wrap you up in coziness in the very same manner as a cute boy would. There’s something quite comforting about styles like this which I have never been able to resist; case in point Filippa K’s Hood Scarf. At first glance it looks like your typical tube scarf – bunchy about the neck and loaded with cushiness; but pull it up around your head like a hood, and it creates a tunnel-like silhouette that keeps you snuggly and looking sassy!

American Apparel “Unisex Hooded Scarf” I’ve tried countless times to be less matchy-matchy, but when it comes to accessories – particularly knit outerwear – I find myself constantly searching for pieces in colors that are subdued at times, and loud at others that will work with practically anything in my closet. This can get quite expensive; but with American Apparel’s Unisex Hooded Scarf, it doesn’t have to. At $22.00 apiece, the Unisex Hooded Scarf is one of the most affordable accessories of this kind on the market; not to mention it’s available in a wide array of colors with the ability to take your wardrobe to new heights. Between you and me…I may just have to buy it in every shade possible!

Rogan “Maharatta Hooded Scarf” Do you remember as a child when you would tie an old towel around your throat in the form of a cape and run around the house pretending you were Batman or Robin, or some other superhero? At moments I find myself still plagued with the desire to indulge in such innocent, childlike behavior; age, of course, prohibits one from doing so – which is why I absolutely adore Rogan’s Maharatta Hooded Scarf. The knit can be tied up around your neck like a bulky tube scarf, or allow the ends to drape and flutter haphazardly about your form like a hooded cape. The black and charcoal hues blend together to create a sophisticated, smoky look, so don’t feel intimidated to don the mesmerizing Maharatta wherever you please – including Black Tie affairs; you’re sure to create a mysterious stir!

Merona “Jersey Hoodie Muffler” My beloved Tia from Style, via Tia exposed me to Target’s Merona Jersey Hoodie Muffler just last week, and I’ve been unable to get the clever, cold weather creation off of my mind ever since. Hood? Check! Scarf? Check! But no, the Jersey Hoodie Muffler, while having the ambrosial appeal of an affordable price tag sports something fully unique that will most certainly come in handy for all of us fashionistas who hold dear to the mantra “shop ‘til you drop.” What is it, you ask? Pockets! Don’t get me started about my passion for pockets – I have written odes to them in the past, but I won’t bore you with them here. All one truly needs to know is that I can’t resist a good pocket, and the Jersey Hoodie Muffler possesses two – one flanking each end of the scarf. Each felt pocket is shaped like a pint-sized envelope and boasts a snazzy snap to keep your teeny tiny belongings safe. I have a feeling my spare change will soon find itself residing in these chic compartments.

Lindsey Thornburg “Black Druid Hood” There’s something slightly sinister and domineering about Lindsey Thornburg’s Black Druid Hood; but it is these things that make it so appealing and charming. The oversized hood creates a very enigmatic, almost cryptic contour; while the long, angled scarf ends add character by providing a bit of extra dimension to the piece. These are not the things that separate the Black Druid Hood from other similar styles, however; non, that honor is bestowed upon the glittering gold chain detail which rests comfortably on the upper back – a Thornburg signature that will draw envious stares when worn.

Ready to put your hood up?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Ssense, American Apparel, Target, and Oak for the pictures.

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