Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Tibi Sequin Blazer at a Bargain

Since my quest for a bewitching blazer that is slim-fitting, sophisticated, and perfect for any occasion has sent me on a virtual goose chase for the past four months in which I have come up completely empty-handed, I have decided to go the opposite route. Oui, I have come to the conclusion that now is the preemptive time to embrace my own personal ABC’s of the ideal blazer: audacious, bold, and cheeky; and given the time of year currently upon us, the holiday season when all three are more than welcome in our wardrobes, I see absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. Farewell to fusty, hello flamboyance!

I suppose I should explain myself. After all, it’s only fair to you, my many beloveds, to let you in on what I am going on and on about, so I will. Sequins. Say it with me now, kittens…sequins. The way the word so much as slithers off your tongue is indicative enough of its splendor; but gracing a woven jacket making it possible for you to sparkle as brightly as the twinkling fairy lights adorning a Christmas tree causes them to be so much more covetable. Hence the reason Tibi’s Sequin Blazer has landed on my radar in a way that no other covering has managed to before.

While built like a blazer with front flap pockets and subtle lapels, Tibi’s Sequin Blazer harbors a fluidity; a dazzling poetry in motion in its shape, which is more reminiscent of a cozy, breathable knit cardigan, as opposed to a boxy, structured blazer. It is this fit alone which creates a yearning within me to dress it down for a day of shopping with leggings and a worn-in pair of slouchy suede boots; or dress it up for a posh party full of scrummy boys by coupling it with black skinnies and sky-high heels. Take into account the fact that this particular piece manages to juxtapose between being theatrical and inconspicuous at the very same point in time, and it is obvious that you have found extravagance at its very, very best.

But non; not everything about Tibi’s Sequin Blazer is fabulous. Case in point, the $598.00 price tag. While gorgeous in all of its glittering charm, an amount so near to the four-digit mark is quite intimidating – especially given the current state of the economy, and the amount of names on my holiday shopping list. Therefore, so long Tibi, welcome to my world Sequin Embellished Jacket!

For $27.80, Forever 21’s Sequin Embellished Jacket retains almost an identical ability to make you shimmer, sparkle, and shine in the same fashion as Tibi’s Sequin Blazer, at a fee much more friendly to the shopaholic fashionista’s wallet.

Question time…tightwad? Spendthrift? Which role will you glimmer in today?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to ShopStyle and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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