Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Side of Fabulous

That time of year is upon us once again, darlings! The harried months mottled with frenzied fashion musings that send us searching for the crème de la crème of little black dresses to swathe our svelte forms as we hobnob with those we both love and loathe at holiday parties. But the prestigious LBD is not the only thing that should be on your mind at this very moment, mes chéris. While such a frock is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your fashion-savvy life, you should also be considering the accessories that will be paired with such accoutrement. Why on earth go boring and blasé with a singular strand of pearls? We’re living in the Twenty-First Century ladies; thus, our ensembles require a side of fabulous. And nothing says fabulous better than a multi-faceted necklace hanging about one’s throat made only more spectacular with embellishments flanking the sides – a preemptive way to draw all eyes to one’s swanlike neck!

Anthropologie “Sea Blossom Necklace Kyoko Fukada once said Wearing pearls gives me an air of refinement. If that is the case, there’s no doubt that wearing a double-strand of pearls has the power to make one feel over-the-top sophisticated. Add in a few hidden garnishments, like the pastel-colored blossoms spotting Anthropologie’s Sea Blossom Necklace, and it’s impossible not to think of yourself as a posh princess simply awaiting the arrival of your handsome prince. Understated yet exaggerated, the Sea Blossom Necklace takes the classic look of pearls to a place they very rarely see; and that, darlings, is the world of casual-wear. While cultivated and swanky enough to pair with your party-wear; the blue, green, and purple flowers sitting pretty upon the oversized faux pearls are just flashy enough to speak volumes when topping an ordinary t-shirt. The question is…what will they say to random passersby?

Shop Suey Boutique “Annie Necklace and Brooch” Chains and rosettes are just as lovely a mix as leather jackets topping a floral-print frock; which is why Shop Suey Boutique’s Annie Necklace is destined to make a dreamy addition to your accessory drawer. As opposed to sticking to one color scheme, Annie is a mix of pale silver, gunmetal, black, and chrome hues all mingling together in a haphazard jumble that spells sensational. The chains, a blend of varying sizes, create a rebellious motif which is easily evened out by the black and gray rosette decoration that adds a romantic touch to the trinket…and your neckline. And if you’re not in the mood for amour, remove the rosettes (which can be worn on their own as a brooch), and simply allow your LBD to become one with the magnificent statement made possible by the multi-chain marvel!

Alloy “Noir Necklace” I spend much of my time fantasizing about living the life of one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s leading ladies. All madness aside experienced by his characters, I find that there would be nothing more heavenly than being a part of the Noir flapper era, surrounded by dapper boys in decadent clothes, and dancing the night away in fringe-encrusted dresses adorned with shimmering sequins. Since this type of fantasy is really only possible on Halloween, when behaving like a total stranger is more than welcome, I am willing to settle for indulging in Alloy’s Noir Necklace to make me feel like a modern-day Charleston-dancing damsel. The anodized metal dips and drapes in the most dainty of ways; while the four chiffon-crafted, ebony-shaded flowers – each sporting a pale rhinestone center – contribute a splash of edgy femininity that is truly impossible to resist!

Forever 21 “Chains and Bow Necklace” Dolls, you may have had to leave your trademark hairbow at home for fear that it wouldn’t work with your current ensemble, but that is absolutely no reason for you to completely disregard your Lolita-inspired love. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf via the Chains and Bow Necklace. Tiers of minute opalescent faux pearls mingle alongside strands of gold chains, casting a waterfall-esque aura about the piece as it cascades ever so delicately over your curves. And for the piece de resistance of girly charm, a bow made of crocheted lace sits pretty around the shoulder. Not only will it glamourize your look du jour, it will easily help you maintain your good girl image; even if you’re currently behaving in the most devilish of manners!

Lulu’s “Something to Remember Necklace” I am not the type of person who is satisfied simply by making a statement with my baubles. I want people to remember my jewelry long after I have left the room. It is not necessary for someone to remember me per se; but an individual who can remember my accessories – well…that’s a person who is a-okay in my book. I imagine many people will be falling into this category if one is donning Lulu’s Something to Remember Necklace; because, to be quite honest…it’s a fragment of frippery that is utterly unforgettable. Military-inspired metallic medallions decked out in dazzling rhinestones frame a jumble of taupe crystals and slate gray pearls which hang in luscious layers that one will find it absolutely impossible not to remember.

Ready to devour a side of fabulous, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shop Suey Boutique, Anthropologie, Alloy, Forever 21, and Lulu’s for the pictures.

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