Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Balmain High Heel Booties on a Budget

Un petit confession, if you don’t mind, darlings. For the last five months every meal, every breath, and every slumbering moment has been spotted with thoughts of Balmain. Strong shoulders speckle my strolls in the park. Destroyed denim dots my daydreams. Military motifs mar my early-morning musings. Sequins seduce my senses. But even more, buckles have slowly but surely infiltrated their way into my boredom-fueled brainstorms.

Don’t get me wrong; I am well-aware of the fact that many of Balmain’s brainchildren are trends which are here today gone tomorrow. Momentary appearances that are just as fleeting as the crushes we develop and discard on an almost-daily basis as children frolicking about the schoolyard. Even so, I am smitten. The chic confections thought up by Balmain have the ability to make fashionistas foam at the mouth in the same manner as that of a rabid animal. And at this very moment, my salivation is inspired by Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain High Heel Booties.

For just a few moments please forget everything you’ve heard about my inability to walk in heels, kittens. I am willing to battle backaches, blisters, and every other sort of miniature torture imaginable all in the name of donning these bewitching beauties that are virtually beckoning me to their blissful side – even if they will only find themselves strapped about my feet while I am in a sitting position, or standing stock-still to avoid any embarrassing tumbles or spills.

Perhaps I’m lucky that they retail for a phenomenal $1,195.00. The inability to purchase such pleasing pumps saves me the possible mortification I may be forced to suffer from should I stumble, slip, or trip in front of someone meaningful – like a cute boy, for instance. But no; for once even a pricetag as outrageous as the one just mentioned won’t enable me from savoring the luscious lovelies. Oh, they won’t be Balmain, of course; rather, GoJane.

Aside from the fact that GoJane’s Multi-Buckle Suede Bootie sport a four-inch heel, as opposed to the four-and-a-half-inch pump adorning the originals, there is very little difference between the $26.90 look-alikes and their predecessor. Both feature a five-buckle closure and are swathed in stylish suede that will keep your tootsies looking fabulous from day to night. And if you really love them…well, you can pick up a pair in the rich Rust shade, as well. After all, the price is quite difficult to resist!

Which role are you playing today, darlings…the frugal femme fatale or the sassy spendthrift?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and GoJane for the pictures.

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