Saturday, November 7, 2009

Smitten Saturday

On Pointe Darlings, I’m in the throes of a complete and utter tailspin at the moment fueled by my love of dancewear – legwarmers, to be exact. Years ago my sister gave me a pair for a combination birthday and Christmas present (oui, this is the type of thing that happens when your birthday falls just a few days before the holidays), which I promptly stuck in the back of my dresser where they were quickly forgotten. Only a few days ago did I re-discover them, and realize their true potential. They make a marvelous covering for the lower half if wearing tights, skinny jeans, or even for bare legs – adding a pinch of extra dimension and volume to your look. Hence the reason I’m eager to add more pieces into my wardrobe; the first being Free People’s Soft Sparkle Legwarmer in black which hugs the leg and adds a little shimmer to one’s step. The scalloped edges add a flirty touch to Sock Dreams’ Foot Traffic Ribbed Knit Leg Warmers. And I’m fully convinced that my winter wardrobe would be incomplete without a pair of Urban Outfitters’ Snap Up Legwarmers on hand to keep me snuggly and stylish! Are you on pointe yet, dolls?

Foodie Battle Royal Two things I cannot resist: fashion and a good food fight. Please don’t be confused; I am not condoning sticking your masterfully manicured fingers into a bowl of mashed potatoes and tossing a handful at the nearest cute boy. Nor am I instructing you to sling slimy, colorful JELL-O across the dinner table at your obnoxious younger brother. The type of delicious duel I am so addicted to at the moment is more akin to a computer-based version of Food Network’s Iron Chef America. Dolls, I may be incapable of whipping up anything more than toast, spaghetti, eggs, and, on occasion, cookies, but that doesn’t stop me from being obsessed with food52 – a place where I can get in on the action of scrummy scrimmages and tasty tussles involving all things edible with the mere click of a button. Each week two battles take place involving a similar recipe. After one year, the winning recipes will be published in one decadent book. Perhaps food52 is exactly the incentive I need to channel my inner kitchen goddess!

Plaid to the Bone You know what infuriates me to no end? Desiring a garment for months upon months yet never locating a piece that is ideal for you, and only you. Since February I have searched high and low for a plaid button-down that would cling to my curves yet retain a barely-there boyish boxiness to create an ever so slight androgynous silhouette; a covering with the ability to juxtapose between cosmopolitan class and messy magnificence. I have endlessly flipped through the racks at Target, debated between colors at T.J. Maxx, shuffled through page after fashionable page at Shopbop, and even missed out on fragments from Forever 21 due to an inability to make up my mind. But I have decided that the time has come to purchase perfection – if only to satisfy my black suede over-the-knee boots, which I’m convinced will look divine with such a style. I am officially at the end of my rope; thus, the time has come to make a final decision. Elizabeth and James’ Plaid School Boy Shirt is a sublime way of making masculine feminine courtesy of the corset-like three-button ruched gusset embellishing the back. The lumberjack inspiration of the BDG Flannel Buttondown Shirt in Blue Plaid seems a preemptive way to add un peu of nineties grunge to girly glam. William Rast’s purposely wrinkled Plaid Shirt is the perfect way to add a flirtatious, just-roused splash to one’s style. And the Belted Plaid Flannel Shirt? An unbeatable price plus an unbeatable style equals irresistible. I may have to buy both colors. Are you plaid to the bone?

On the Road Again Kittens, I am not embarrassed to admit that I was a slightly eccentric child growing up. Sassily precocious with a kick of cheekiness for added effect. I was also one of the biggest worriers you would ever encounter; thus, when I heard about a fire two states over on the news, I would pack a few bags with my beloved necessities, prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Evacuation never did become necessary, and I eventually grew out of stuffing suitcases with Pokemon cards, dolls, and handfuls of teeny tiny Barbie shoes. The one thing I never outgrew, however, was my love of luggage. Despite the fact that I have remained in the same area for most of my life, I have a bit of Becky Bloomwood in me, in the sense that I simply cannot resist travel essentials – specifically, vintage suitcases. I don’t care if they were made with the pint-sized in mind, I simply cannot ignore the 50s ambiance of Land of Nod’s pink Weekender Suitcase. Target’s Set of 3 Vintage-Style Suitcases would make for a très Titanic-inspired decoration for one’s abode. But alas, all things aside, it would be Steamline Luggage’s The Editor Series trimmed in pink which would be accompanying me on numerous travel adventures – all glamorous, I hope! Dolls, where will your lovely luggage take you?

She’s Wearing What? Does it happen to you as well, darlings? Do you find yourself salivating over a fabulous frock worn by Leighton Meester or a cozy cardigan donned by Rachel Bilson? Do you spend countless hours surfing the ‘Net and flipping through trashy supermarket tabloids all in the hopes of discovering the designer’s name so that you can recreate their look, or make it your own? You’re not alone, kittens. I find myself in a similar predicament on a nearly daily basis; and have done all of the above, and then some. Not anymore. Since discovering Closet Cravings I have no need to spend hours upon hours looking for the name of the label only to come out empty-handed. No, the heaven-sent Heather does all the work for me. In the past three weeks alone she has given me the scoop on Taylor Swift’s ambrosial Armani Exchange Top, provided me with the stat’s about Leighton’s sophisticated Nanette Lepore Last Tycoon Coat, and caused me to fall in love with Kristin Cavallari’s A.L.C. Leather Military Jacket. I’ll just be honest here…Closet Cravings makes it easy to be a celebrity style stalker; and really…who in their right, fashion-forward mind can resist simplicity like that?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to It's Unbeweavable! and Shopbop for the pictures.

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