Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Alice + Olivia Shawl Faux Fur Jacket for Less

Darlings, I have fallen in love with a wild animal. Not just any wild animal, mind you; a leopard. A leggy specimen with the grace and poise of a model on the catwalk, coupled with the speed and agility of a toned marathon runner. I imagine there is no other animal more perfect to fall in love with; but I digress. I suppose I should be more specific in my musings. Oui, it is the leopard that is the current star of my affections; but not in the fashion in which you may assume.

While I adore the leopard’s fiery spirit and seductive gait; I am much more in awe of its heavenly shaded coat. The beige and taupe mixing as one, then covered in black spots synonymous with petite rosettes to round out the piece de resistance of color combinations. The charm factor of such a look has made me long for a similar covering all my own. And I have found it in the form of Alice + Olivia’s Shawl Collar Faux Fur Jacket.

Many faux furs come across as too brass and brazen in their volume and size; so is not the case with the Shawl Collar Faux Fur Jacket. It is the quintessential garment for assisting the fashion maven in channeling her inner Edie Sedgwick, and imagining herself as Andy Warhol’s muse, if only during the time that she is donning such a style.

Toss it on over distressed denim jeans with wild, animalistic hair for a late-night rock show; or transform yourself into a cosmopolitan Uptown girl by pairing it with black leggings, an ebony-hued v-neck, and a chic chignon for a chichi cocktail party with dapper boys just waiting for you to entice them with your feminine wiles.

I should love to simply swipe Alice + Olivia’s ambrosial outerwear up without so much as a second-thought to price; but I am quite positive that I would feel downright devastated once I open my VISA bill and see the $385.00 charge. But I refuse to take this lying down. I am resigned to fight for what I love; which is why I shall be taking the plunge and purchasing the next best thing…Mossimo’s Black Women’s Faux Fur Shrug – Cat Print.

At $39.99, Mossimo’s marvel is the perfect solution to your budget woes; not to mention that it’s the ideal replacement for a statement necklace if donned with a sassy LBD.

Speak up, don’t be shy…will you be economical with Mossimo, or extravagant with Alice + Olivia?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and Target for the pictures.

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