Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Miu Miu Jeweled Sandal for Less

Darlings the holidays are almost upon us, therefore now is the time to wear metallics with wild abandon. Forget the rules about donning sequins during the daylight hours; cast aside your concerns about ostentatious embellishments any time before the early bird special begins; ignore the ignorant musings of the unfashionable who scoff and turn their noses up at the mere sight of tulle prior to twilight; and brush off the childish chuckles of those who have a problem with larger than life bling anytime, anywhere. The joke, mes amours, is not on us; rather, it is on them, and their refusal to participate in being flashy and theatrical come the celebratory season.

The holidays do not simply give us the go-ahead to wear flamboyant frocks and glittering garb to a multitude of magnificent parties that take place once the sun goes down. Mais non! They practically require us to wear such accoutrement 24/7. After all, what better way to show your jubilation towards the festivities taking place around you than by shining as brightly as the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center?!

Perhaps you’re not ready, however, to light up an entire room with the uncomplicated assistance of a shimmering skirt. Don’t fret, missy; simply start small. And by small, I’m referring to Miu Miu’s Jeweled Sandal.

Never before have I found myself so smitten with an open-toe pump; but there’s really no possibility of resisting the lure of such a heavenly hue chicly coexisting with an enchanting crystal embellishment sitting prim, proper, and precociously about your haute little hoof. Kittens, please let us be honest here…the luscious gold leather, the buckled ankle strap, the goldtone hardware; footwear truly does not get much better than this. If only the price tag was as mesmerizing as the shoe itself.

I’m all for splurging during the holidays, lovelies; but even I am unwilling to shell out $750.00 for one pair of pumps. To be truthful, I could probably buy myself an entire new wardrobe for that triple digit number. Something slightly cheaper, however, like $69.00…well, I certainly have no qualms about a savvy yet stylish number such as that.

Chinese Laundry’s Daze in Bronze (also available in Pewter or Purple) is the thrifty shopper’s true BFF come the holiday season. Like the Jeweled Sandal, they are embellished about the toe with a glamorous rhinestone creation; but Daze goes a bit further, adding an adorable little chained jewel charm which swings to and fro haphazardly from the buckled ankle – a priceless pretty which adds a pinch of personality to the entire package!

Who are you channeling today, dolls…a thrifty shopper, or spendaholic?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bergdorf Goodman and AKIRA Chicago for the pictures.

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