Monday, November 9, 2009

Wrap It Up!

Darlings with the holidays just around the corner I’m sure you think that I’m discussing the use of gift bags, ribbons, and boxes with kitschy designs covering them to cloak the presents you are buying for a sneaky younger sister, an attentive cute boy, or even a boisterous pooch, when I whisper the phrase “wrap it up.” Non! While that is precisely what I should be referring to given the fact that we are nearly in mid-November, and my Christmas shopping hasn’t even begun; the true innuendo of my “wrap it up,” is TOMS Wrap Boot.

For ages I have been bombarded with praise of TOMS Canvas Slip-Ons, which virtually juxtapose between prim and proper ballerina flats, and androgynous eco-friendly sneakers; but I am a boot lover. Winter, spring, summer, or fall you will find my tiny tootsies most often shrouded in a faux suede slouch boot, or structured cognac-hued riding boot; therefore, I thought that TOMS had absolutely nothing to offer me in terms of footwear. To put it bluntly…I was dead wrong.

Slightly reminiscent of the ACE bandages I so often found myself donning during my second grade obsession with skateboarding; TOMS Wrap Boots are actually inspired by the popularized Argentine polo, and the ebulliently shaded leg wraps donned by the champion horses that participate in such a sport.

No longer do we ladies have to search for the ideal pair of skinny jeans that will fully accommodate a boot to gracefully slither over their denim surface without being too tight or uncomfortable. With TOMS Wrap Boot you simply slip your foot into the shoe, then lace the wrap around your bare leg, or jeans, and voila; a makeshift boot that contours to your body, and hugs your leg in the most seductive and stylish of ways.

Red, chocolate brown, rust, ash, black, navy, olive…what color is calling your name?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to TOMS Shoes for the pictures.

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