Monday, November 2, 2009

Itching for Fleabags

Once again my heart has been captured by a handbag. This one, however, is not accompanied by a label proclaiming Balenciaga, Chanel, or Marc by Marc Jacobs; nor is it attached to an exorbitant price tag boasting numbers synonymous with half a year of a singular individual’s rent payment. While certainly not the most affordable handbag in the marketplace, the luxury of a Fleabags tote most definitely outweighs the triple digit asking price for the sheer fact that it is eco-friendly without being too earthy for the savvy city girl or saucy suburban miss.

Gone are the typical “Go Green!” proclamations that so often adorn the bodies of eco-friendly pieces; in their place is a modest yet mind-blowingly mature colored imprint stating the Edition Number, Style, and similar information for the handbag connoisseur who wants always to remember what season her Limited Edition Fleabag derived from.

The contrivance of Brown University alumnae, and close friends Shira Entis and Alex Bell, Fleabags stemmed from a serious case of aggravation induced by having to lug about numerous plastic bags while perusing the flea markets they found themselves frequenting on weekends – an inconvenience that was both unfashionable and unfriendly to the environment. Thus, Fleabags was born.

Toted as a “dapper, large, lightweight and sturdy carry-all – that are also eco-minded,” Fleabags have the flair of vintage luggage not seen since the days of steam-liners drifting across the ocean, juxtaposed with the refined modernity’s which make it a functional tote whether it’s escorting you to a fabulous farmer’s market during downtime or leading you to the office for a grueling workweek.

Available trimmed in a pleasing Pebble, whimsical winter White, cosmopolitan Coffee Bean, or, my personal favorite, the smart Saddle, Fleabags are an elegant way to stay environmentally conscious; and really darlings, where’s the harm in that?

Which Fleabag are you itching for?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to ecosalon and Coterie Blog for the pictures.

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