Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shawl Talk

I’ll be honest; I’ve never been a fan of it. Small talk, that is. To some it’s a way to shoot the breeze; for me, it’s nothing more than moments wasted on nonsensical, inane musings brought about to mask the uncomfortable silences that so often pinpoint and plague our daily lives. But I’m not one to talk, I suppose; after all, I am a serial texter myself – exchanging brief banter with a handful of people at any given time. Still, it’s not the same. Those petite typewritten trades do one thing instantaneously, and that is get down to the nitty gritty – which, at the moment, is shawls. Thus, I’m forgoing the small talk, at least for a bit, and replacing it with a cozy dose of shawl talk!

Sheri Bodell “Black Widow Shawl” There is quite possibly nothing better than a venomous accessory; a fabulous fragment of frippery with the power to, in the words of Ricky Martin, “look like a flower and sting like a bee” – at least in terms of style. Sheri Bodell’s Black Widow Shawl is it. If ever you wanted to channel the look of an alluring bohemian hippie, you would need this garb and little to nothing else. Cascading layers of fringe hang flirtily from the rounded hem that creates a sophisticated curtain-like effect in which you are the soon to be revealed main attraction; while beads and paillettes adorning the shoulders and upper back make you dazzle, twinkle, and sparkle like a cosmopolitan caped crusader. Lock your doors boys; the black widow is on the prowl!

Free People “Fringe Shawl” No matter how hard you may try, it is nearly impossible to ignore the lure of Southwestern influences in style of dress. There’s a very beatnik, Jack Kerouac, On the Road quality to the look courtesy of natural tones that instantly make you think of being one with the wilderness. Free People’s Fringe Shawl is quite indicative of this. Loose, chunky hand-knit in a multitude of deep, striped tones, then trimmed in chocolate brown fringe create a cozy pattern and appearance which retains the ability to dress your look du jour up or down depending on how you wear it. Don it with dark wash skinnies for elegance, or slouchy khaki cords for a free-spirited ambiance; either way it creates an aesthetic that looks and feels like home.

Neiman Marcus “Cashmere Shawl” Too many associate the fall and winter months with dark, dreary colors that serve to be quite posh and cultivated, yet leave much to be desired in terms of color palettes. Hence the reason a snuggly garment in a daring hue, much like Neiman Marcus’ Cashmere Shawl is so necessary for your wardrobe. While the gathered detailing and pure cashmere construction make for a blissful, blanketed silhouette; the true piece de resistance lies in the ravishing candy apple red hue, and the versatility factor. Drape it over your shoulders and allow it to swish around your legs like an oversized cardigan, criss cross it over your body to create luscious layers, or wind it about your throat to weave a makeshift tube scarf that adds volumes to appearance. The only thing I don’t recommend doing? Leaving home without it!

American Apparel “The Shawl” Very few shawls have the ability to transform from day to night. The Shawl from American Apparel does. As opposed to going too big and billowy for an evening out with the girls – or a cute boy! – or embracing a slim cut that provides scant coverage from the brisk winds blowing you every which way, The Shawl falls right between the two in a magical middle ground to help you class up your style no matter what you happen to find yourself accoutered in. Glamourize the Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Long Sleeve Mini Dress in Dark Orchid with The Shawl in Black Interlock; romanticize a pale pink v-neck with The Shawl in Asphalt Interlock; or add a sprinkling of animal magnetism to your ensemble courtesy of The Shawl in Natural/Cappuccino. There’s no question that in any color or combination it’s a pretty little piece eagerly awaiting the chance to contribute a pinch of pizzazz to your accessory drawer!

Sutton Studio “Cashmere Ruffle Shawl” Given the fact that, in my world, cardigans are not just a cozy covering crafted to keep one warm, they’re more of a way of life; I often find myself seeking out bits and pieces that are, essentially, an entirely different style of dress, but which possess the same type of aesthetic and presentation synonymous with that of a cardigan. So is the way I came across Sutton Studio’s Cashmere Ruffle Shawl. Nothing to me says fall in a more phenomenal fashion than a cuddly knit embellished with tiers of ruffles that make it a cinch to create an urbane, uptown silhouette that will turn heads the moment you toss it on. Allow it to hang open for a nonchalant, haphazard yet haute appearance; or swing one end over your shoulder for a touch of elegance. No matter how it’s styled you’re sure to stun.

Ready for a bit of shawl talk, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop, Free People, Nordstrom, American Apparel, and Bloomingdales for the pictures.

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