Friday, August 28, 2009

All About Alicia

As much as you’d like to pretend that you don’t know them, I’m sure you’ve met plenty in the past. Don’t play games with me now, you’re quite aware of who I’m referring to, loves; the name-callers who shouted out put-downs to those who were forced to wear eyeglasses. The…let’s put it all out on the table…adolescent meanies who exclaimed nasty comments pertaining to being “four-eyed.” It was enough to drive someone to extreme measures, like purposely crushing the bearish item creating such heartbreak in our social lives to smithereens. Tell me though, who’s having the last laugh now?

Glasses, prescription glasses or otherwise, are now a fashionable bit that, suffice it to say, are a can’t-leave-home-without accessory which give you the ability to change up your look or personality with very limited work. You can go geek with Marvin; retro with Masyn; vintage with Eisenhower; or, if you’re truly daring, seductive with Alicia. Ah yes, Alicia…

The eyeglass frames that I find most…teasing, as of late, are of the playful, kitten-esque variety; Alicia embodies this description to a T. Don’t worry darlings, I won’t bore you with tales of her grinning cat eyes that slant ever so slightly in the sauciest of ways, or stifle you with stories of her maudlin escapades about town with a bevy of cute boys. No, the best thing for me to do at this very moment is leave you to your own devices; to allow you to give the stunning mauve siren a life all her own.

Perhaps Joan, Mad Men’s office seductress, will pop up at a party, a colorful cocktail in one hand, Alicia pinched between her perfectly manicured fingers. Or will Alicia arrive at a beatnik poetry reading in the Village, the only pop of color to an all-black ensemble? Even better, could she find herself the apple of a fashion editor’s eye? You. Tell. Me. What plans do you have for the alluring Alicia? One word of advice, kittens…don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to GlassesUSA for the pictures.

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