Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If You Seek Sequins

Pay no mind to the ridiculous fodder, my dears. Who says you have to be a Vegas showgirl, or hostess in an Atlantic City casino to show affection towards sequins? For those of us who like a little glitz, glamour, shine, sparkle, and bling in our lives the sequin is the ideal way to satiate cravings without having to turn to big, baubley jewelry we may not be in the mood to don. They add a dash of dazzle to a drab drapey dress. They provide a pinch of pizzazz mixed with panache into a plain pair of pumps. They contribute a sprinkle of shimmer to a sinuous skirt. No matter how you wear them you seemingly twinkle to life and keep the spotlight steady on you and only you. Placate your glinting hunger loves…indulge in a few.

Free People “Sequined Mesh Tunic” The Sequined Mesh Tunic is, for lack of better words, a coat of many colors. It is not solely a tank, nor a tunic, not even a dress. It is a combination of all three. A multifaceted addition to your wardrobe that can take on the role of anything you have in mind – from a mini cocktail frock, to a form-fitting layering top. Adorned with glittery sequins from top to bottom with adjustable ribbon straps as opposed to the quite commonly seen bra strap, the Sequined Mesh Tunic ostensibly surfaces shrouded with an air of enigmatic mystery depending on the color you select – white, silver, midnight, pink, grape, or chocolate. What shade best suits you?

Forever 21 “Rainbow Sequined Beret” Despite your thirst for sequins, finding the courage to ornament yourself in them with confidence can be quite intimidating; therefore luxuriating oneself with them in tiny doses is often the key to success. Forever 21’s Rainbow Sequined Beret is an excellent choice for coddling your covetousness. Covered in sequins in every color imaginable, the patterned hues create a dizzying, hypnotic effect making it difficult to draw the eye away from such splendor; while the polyester will keep your head warm come the looming brisk fall weather. It’s an effortless way to hop aboard the sequin train without compromising comfort or certainty; plus, it matches everything in your wardrobe, so toss it on with whatever ensemble you happen to be decked out in for optimal beam appeal!

Alice + Olivia “Sequin Leggings” Slithery and skintight. To be quite honest with you, that’s exactly how I like my leggings. And my jeans, for that matter. I want them to suction themselves to my flesh in a way that makes them come across as a second skin, of sorts. To hug and accentuate every curve, or lack thereof, while retaining a luxurious sense of coziness. They may sound like the formation of a dream, mes amours; but no, they do exist. Alice + Olivia’s Sequin Leggings embody all of the sine qua non to a T. With the added bonus of unstoppable high shine, of course. Typical jersey leggings with a gathered elastic waistband are prettified via a surface gleaming with sequins, making them the be all end all of legwear. Toss them on for a night on the town, or for a showstopping entrance at the office. With the proper accessories you’re able to work these starlets in the most splendrous of ways!

Alloy “Toria Sequin Flat” When it comes to style, darling, you work your wardrobe like a chameleon; changing your outer appearance on a daily basis to keep people on their toes. One day you’re the rebellious rocker who stars in the dreams of hipster boys; the next you’re a preppy princess adorned in pastels and polos. Today, however, you’re spewing the sophistication and class of Audrey Hepburn, until someone looks down at your shoes. It is there where your true bubbly personality comes alive via the Toria Sequin Flat. Black and silver sequins mingle amidst one another atop a flexible surface, adding a true sparkle to your step, while illuminating your entire look. The Toria is a subtle way to salute your sequin-loving side, whilst bedazzling your ensemble du jour.

Topshop “Sequin Boyfriend Blazer” Blazers may be synonymous with stuffy offices full of unhappy people pushing paper to and fro on their messy desks, but that does not mean that the blazer must always be stiff and boring. Relevant instance, Topshop’s Sequin Boyfriend Blazer. This is not to say that you should head to the workplace with such a jacket tossed haphazardly over your shoulders; but for those moments when you want to stop people in their tracks, and add a ray of light to your visage, no piece manages to work better. It’s the crème de la crème of toppers for the little black dress; an elite dash to casual denim; an aristocratic answer to any and all of your fashion woes. Point blank question, my pets…how can you possibly resist?

Do you seek sequins, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Free People, Forever 21, Shopbop, Alloy, and Topshop for the pictures.

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