Saturday, August 15, 2009

Smitten Saturday

Eat It! Don’t worry, darlings, I’m not about to torture you with a warbly rendition of Weird Al Yankovic’s classic Eat It, I’m simply talking about savoring a bit of the retro candy jewelry that I wore each and every day throughout my entire childhood – and, to be quite honest, still slip on when I know that my day will be too harried to fulfill hunger; thus, I’ll need to take a nibble at the Candy Charm Bracelet wrapped around my wrist. Unlike the glow-in-the-dark jewelry synonymous with underground raves, candy jewelry adds a whimsical, carefree illusion to your grown-up persona, while providing a yummy little sugar rush should the need arise. My affinity for cocktail rings makes the illustrious Ring Pop a favorite for romantic, clandestine outings with cute boys. Candy Lipsticks add a yummy color to my pout, while satiating my taste for something tangy. And the truly retro Candy Necklace is spot on at procuring a pretty pop of color about my throat. Go ahead lovelies…eat it!

The Little Black Book Don’t get me wrong, I’m against everything that the illustrious Little Black Book stands for – the past relationship drama’s kept hidden within its crisp, white pages; the never-ending list of phone numbers of the possible perfect match; and, less glittery, the trouble they create when found by the current significant other. But yet, there’s still something so taboo, so scandalous, so enticing about the entire premise that makes me desperately want one of my own. For less disreputable reasons, to be sure. Thus, I’m on a hunt for the crème de la crème of Little Black Books – and making wondrous headway, if I do say so myself. Despite the fact that it is made for Him in mind, Lincoln Stationers’ Small Writing Journal with Flexible Cover fits all of the dreamt of requirements for the writing material in question. The Moleskine Pocket Journals at Vickerey are minimalist yet elegant and of the ideal size for a Little Black Book. And fineartstore’s Classic Leather Journal in Black is sophisticated and mysterious – two traits that can be attributed to the clever leather tie closure and perforated stitching adorning the cover. I can’t quite make up my mind. Help me out, mes amis…which Little Black Book would you choose?
I’m With the Band There’s something so exciting about being able to say “I’m with the band.” To strut your stuff as you walk into a venue shoulder to shoulder with a boy sporting a bass slung over his shoulder, or a guy toting a guitar in his muscular hand, even a diva with drumsticks sticking out of her Dolce and Gabbana tote. Don’t get me wrong, being able to divulge that you’re actually a member of the band, as opposed to the Penny Lane popularized band-aid, would obviously be much more glamorous; but, due to my lack of musical talent, I’m relegated to remain the latter. As long as I’m able to don dazzling band tees, however, I’m quite content staying just that. Public Library’s The Police Tee brings back memories of a childhood full of dancing to the song Every Breath You Take, and would look divine paired with skintight black leggings or skinnies. The sketchy Junk Food Debbie Harry Blondie t-shirt is a playful way to break through your Heart of Glass. Chaser LA’s Van Halen Vintage V-Neck Tee in Gray is the quintessential layering piece. And there’s simply no denying the statement you’ll make when dressed up in Amplified’s The Beatles Logo – the ideal way to pay tribute to one of the most influential bands on the planet. It’s true, I’m with the band; the question is, pretties…are you?

Design On A Dime Nothing would make me more bubbleheaded than having the ability to simply walk into Chanel or Balenciaga and buy each and every item that happens to catch my eye; but so is not a luxury I can afford at this exact time, therefore I have turned to trolling for designer replicas that thrill me unlike any other, while still retaining affordability. No other shop is as consistent than my favorite…Shop Suey Boutique. It is there that I stop at least once a week to inspect the newest wares that have arrived, and there that I meet my spending downfall. There’s little Alex, an adorable Chanel 2.55 look-alike. The gorgeous Olivia, a Hermes Birkin carbon copy. And I simply can’t ignore the sassy Samantha, a mimic of Marc Jacobs’ Quilted Stam. In my mind, it’s design on a dime, so why not splurge a bit?!

Cobra Crush Not since my eleven-year-old self fell head over heels in love with Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, Zac from Hanson, and The All-American Rejects’ Tyson Ritter all at the same time have I harbored a crush on a celebrity; but I have been, once more, bitten by the celebrity love bug, as I am now crushing on Cobra Starship. This time, of course, no wedding bells are ringing in my brain, as I am smitten not solely with Gabe Saporta or Ryland Blackinton (though both are equally gorgeous in their own way), but the entire band as a whole. Of course, my infatuation with the fivesome didn’t start simply after hearing Good Girls Go Bad, mind you (though, I will happily admit to having had the track on repeat for nothing shy of three weeks). No, it all began with Viva la Cobra!, and now – be still my heart - Hot Mess is on its way. Oui, I’m in the throes of a Cobra Crush, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Le Journal De Mode and Singer22 for the pictures.

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