Sunday, August 30, 2009

Double Trouble

I’ve always been the good girl; but such a title gets boring after awhile. Sometimes you just need to break loose; to show a wild side; to embrace the troublemaker lying in wait underneath that pasty skin of yours. To do so, however, seems completely out of the question. Preposterous, in fact! After all, how on earth do you go from being the good girl to the bad girl at the drop of a hat? Well…with two-finger rings, perhaps. Cast your big, single baubles to the wayside, kittens; it’s time for a little double trouble!

Bijules “Gully Ring 14K Gold” Ladies, whether we like it or not, as females we’re viewed as being as delicate as flowers, as sweet as candy, and as fragile as porcelain dolls – even if we’re none of the above. Does it really matter? Certainly not! Let’s embrace these titles, and pay tribute to the glory of being a girl by wearing it loud and proud by means of a fluttery, feminine, dainty little symbol that represents all of the above and so much more; like Bijules’ Gully Ring 14K Gold. Slide the sparkly street savvy piece onto two fingers and allow the form of a tweeting temptress to roost primly upon your hand. My heart soars just gazing upon the fetching feathered creature!

Anna Sheffield “Arrow Two Finger Ring” Ouch! I’ve just been hit by Cupid’s arrow; or rather, my jewelry drawer has. Anna Sheffield’s Arrow Two Finger Ring is quite possibly the most daring, yet divine accessory I have laid eyes on in quite some time, courtesy of its ability to pierce your heart with a mere glance, yet retain an unbeatable daintiness via the demure detailing – silver and dorado hued Swarovski crystals along the body of the arrow. While the two-finger style makes the piece appear harsh and rough and tumble, the arrow actually provides a very girlish, ethereal-like quality that is both charming and romantic in a very whimsical manner. Looking for the perfect trinket to go with everything? You’ve found it.

Erica Anenberg “Aquamarine Twosome Ring” Brass knuckles have always been a source of controversy; an untouchable that makes people uneasy. That, however, was in the past; here we are in the year 2009, and brass knuckles have received a very friendly, fashion-forward update courtesy of Erica Anenberg’s Aquamarine Twosome Ring. The 14K yellow gold sits tough over two fingers; whilst a dual strip of aquamarine crystals dance upon the surface emitting a glittering sparkle that is downright blinding. Slip your digits in on your way out for a girls’ night and you’ll leave a trail of envious whispers in your wake!

AnomalyJewelry “Snake 2 Finger Ring” I’ll be truthful…snakes have always intrigued me. Not real, live ones – those scare the living daylights out of me. But snakes in Greek mythology, and even more so on accessories have always caught my attention; therefore, I’m convinced that AnomalyJewelry’s Snake 2 Finger Ring was crafted with my jewelry collection in mind. Two snakes – one light, one dark – intertwine with one another across the sterling silver ring; a virtual adjacency between good and evil. Swarovski crystals form the glittering eyes that gaze out at the world; while a natural oxidization process keeps the serpentine duo embellishment from ever losing their individuality. It’s a creation that bridges the gap between elegance and crudeness. Just remember mes chéris, “he’s a cold-hearted…snake.”

ATHD “The Golden Spooning Fingers Double Knuckle Ring” Dolls, two things a girl can never be without: accessories adorned with florals or filigree. The Golden Spooning Fingers Double Knuckle Ring by ATHD fulfills both wardrobe staples courtesy of the vintage etchings found emblazoned across the exterior, a glamorous garnish that lends a Victorian ambiance to the objet d’art. Crafted out of entirely recycled materials, the ornamentation is actually an antique copper spoon handle that has been soldered to a brass ring base then spritzed with 14K gold plating. The end result is a sparkling curio that is high fashion, fun, and 100% eco-friendly!

Are you ready for a dose of double trouble, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Moxsie, Anna Sheffield, Etsy, and Max and Chloe for the pictures.

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