Thursday, August 6, 2009

By the Sea, By the Sea

An outdoors type, a wilderness lover…I fit neither mold. I am a girly girl through and through. Don’t get me wrong, I embrace a nice plaid flannel style every now and then, or admire a knee-high pair of wellies from time to time, but these infatuations are not brought on by a desire to tread the fine line between the wasteland and civilization. They are merely a homage to current fashion trends that have piqued my interest. Regardless of this fact, even I have a savage side. A primeval craving to do something wildly out of the ordinary – at least for me. What is it you ask? Oh, it’s too absurd for words. A fantasy that will surely never harbor any reality. But, if you must know, I’ll tell you. I dream of spending an entire weekend seaside. Not in a quaint beachhouse, or being rocked to sleep atop a houseboat, mind you; simply to spend an entire weekend slumbering upon the shore, the waves crashing in the background.

It’s a ridiculous thought, really. I, a person who cannot so much as swim. I, a person who can’t stand the feeling of sand between my toes. I, a person who finds it infuriating when the wind whips my hair about my face, creating a tangled mess that takes hours to comb out. But it’s true; that is my fool’s paradise. It is not, however, a hallucination dreamt up by me and me alone. No, it was my discovery of the Nautical LanternPottery Barn coupons – that imbued my brain with such ideations.

Lanterns have always struck a chord deep within my soul; and with nothing more than a minor glance upon the stainless steel dressed up in red paint and plainly calling out to be filled with a lit tealight, I was overcome with a longing to tote it along to the place it was crafted after – the ocean.

Designed to look and act quite like the oil-burning lanterns used many years ago on ships, the Nautical Lantern is a modern piece of history with the power to brighten up the atmosphere anytime or anyplace. A bonfire with a cute boy on the beach is made more picturesque with the Nautical Lantern to light the way. A backyard barbeque looks more fanciful when modeling a tabletop decorated with unlit Nautical Lanterns. An afternoon picnic by the waterfront creates a subdued, romantic ambience when brightened by a combination of Nautical Lanterns and a frisson of passion between two lovebirds.

I may not be able to rub two sticks together to start a fire; or figure out whether I’m heading North, South, East, or West at any given moment. But as long as the Nautical Lantern is guiding my way…well darlings, nothing else really matters!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Pottery Barn for the pictures.

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