Sunday, August 9, 2009

Destruction Zone

Put away that tacky, day-glo orange hardhat, kittens. This isn’t a construction site. You will find no sweaty, catcalling handymen here. No, we are not building anew; simply destroying what has already been created. Gone are the days when you would mourn the discoloration about the knee of your dark wash, or shed tears over a slight tear in the shin of your black beauties. It is time to embrace imperfections. To smile in the face of stains. To beam upon blemishes. To fleer upon flaws. To decry defects. Hold on tight, darlings, you are now entering the destruction zone.

JET Jeans “Thrashed Skinny Jeans” With the many tears and frayed edges that are so synonymous with destroyed jeans, it’s hard to steer clear of grunge territory when donning them. This is not something to worry about when wearing JET Jeans’ Thrashed Skinny Jeans. Designer John Eshaya has managed to bridge the gap between glamour and grunge with the Thrashed Skinny, which keeps the eloquently destroyed denim looking polished and posh whether paired with combats or ballerinas. The dark clean? Divine. The white? Wondrous. The gray? Gorgeous. No matter what color finds itself in your closet it’s a style that keeps on giving.

Forever 21 “Holly Frayed Skinny Jean” I know only too well that when you’re at the beginning stages of traversing the destroyed jean look it can be frightening to go too far too soon. You don’t want a completely shredded style, yet you want enough destruction to satisfy your need for rebelliousness. The Holly Frayed Skinny Jean is ideal for three very important reasons:

Fraying along the upper thighs keeps the destroyed look more subdued than straight-out cuts.

The one slash about the leg decorating these denim washed delights gives your knee the chance to poke through, and play a game of peek-a-boo with your many admirers without showing too much skin.

They’re tres affordable; so you can try out the style (which I know you’ll love) without going broke.

Silence & Noise “Ripped Twig Jean” Don’t even try to deny it, dearest; you know you’ve seen them. The girls who traipse around town in jeans that look straight off the runway, with perfectly placed rips and tears that seem impossible to achieve even for the best DIY-er. But they’re not. Impossible to achieve, that is. For Silence & Noise has achieved such a feat via the Ripped Twig Jean. A sophisticated black look is taken down a notch through an assortment of destruction about the leg and thigh that make them appear lived-in and brand new all at the same time. A tapered leg, some spandex to help you move and groove, perhaps a blazer paired with pumps…voila! Shredded perfection.

Divine Rights of Denim “Lust Skinny Jean” Haven’t you heard my pretties? Gray is the new neutral. It’s the new black. It’s the new white. Okay, so maybe it isn’t; but in the world of Café Fashionista, it most certainly is. Thus, Divine Rights of Denim’s Lust Skinny Jean in Pluto Rinse (an obvious intergalactic connotation tossed into the mix because the hue is out of this world), is a must-own for the denim-loving diva looking for a way to mix up her jeans collection. Whiskering on the thighs. Faded gray throughout the leg. Light distressing found both in front and back. Folded over back pockets for a chic, unique look. I’m sure you’re already aware; but yes, I’m lusting over them.

Current/Elliott “The Skinny Jeans” I suppose I should simply come clean. I’m a dreamer to the core. A person who can feel content simply by lying on a picnic blanket upon fresh cut grass, gazing up at the clouds, and imagining them taking on all sorts of splendrous shapes and designs. With the Current/Elliott Skinny Jeans, however, no picnic blanket is required, as the dreamlike clouds are swathing my legs, amidst a pretty, acid wash-inspired bleached denim that morphs from blue to white and back again in a haphazard design, only made more lovely with lacerated embellishments found upon the upper thighs and knees. Worn with a slouchy white v-neck boyfriend tee and a scarf in a punchy color…it’s a low-key style with a high-maintenance twist that is utterly undeniable.

To destroy, or not to destroy? Oui, that is my question to all of you!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to John Eshaya, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Lulu’s, and Shopbop for the pictures.

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