Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shake It Up

Leisure time? Please, darlings, I’m lucky I have a spare moment for those two simple words to tumble out of my matte red lips let alone to actually act upon them. With a harried schedule like mine leisure time is a foreign concept. I skedaddle from class to work in chic cognac riding boots; drag myself from the grocery store to the Laundromat in perky pewter ballerina flats; then teeter to the gym for a brief dance instruction, and off for a night on the town in stylish, sky-high stilettos. Luckily for the former, no outfit changes are required; but the latter is a whole other story. I can’t possibly don the same ensemble out for a night of clubbing that I do for an afternoon of sweat-inducing dance. Oh, but I can, precious, I most certainly can.

The Shake-It-Up Dance Top tells me to “Just do it!” – Nike coupons – and you know me, always (okay, sometimes) willing to listen to the voice of reason, have come to the very mature conclusion that obeying the command will serve to alleviate my constantly stressed out situation.

Woven out of a combination of satin and Nike’s trademark Dri-Fit jersey materials, the Shake-It-Up Dance Top keeps you comfortable when working out; yet remains stylish enough to traverse from fitness attire to fashionably fabulous fun wear that will make you stand out at the dinner table, or in a club full of wild and crazy party animals. Part halter, part tank; the adjustable ties at the front cinch to form a ravishing ruching about the neckline that swiftly ends in a pretty bow about the bust; while the ties in the back draw attention to your neck and svelte shoulders.

Don’t you see what this means, dearests? No more scrounging for the perfect top to toss on after a day of working out; simply slip off your sweatpants, slither into a pair of black skinnies, and let the drapey, tunic-like Shake-It-Up Dance Top do the rest!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Nike for the picture.

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