Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Lesson in Corsetry

It is bad enough that we must hide adorable ruffled bra and underwear sets beneath our clothing; but why on earth should corsets suffer the same fate? Why must we conceal all the lace and ribbons; bows and satin; zippers and pleats under tees that aren’t nearly as flattering, or as elegant as a good old-fashioned corset? Now, I’m not talking about the girdle-like, breath stealing garments like the one that almost did poor Elizabeth Bennett in at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean, mind you; nor am I discussing the pieces complained about by damsels in distress within Victorian novels. No, the topic at hand lies within the more modern, updated corsets that provide a delicate charm and grandeur to simple blue jeans; a polished sophistication to a leather mini; refined splendor to a motorcycle jacket. Mes chéris, I certainly hope that you’re ready for a lesson in corsetry.

Charlotte Russe "Ruffle Lace Corset" There’s something so sensuous about the boudoir look. Blame it on the self-indulgence it conveys, or the carnal instincts that roar to life at the mere thought of it; but the style is gratifying to the senses, and nothing manages to embrace it so well as Charlotte Russe’s Ruffle Lace Corset. Black lace enshrouds only the front of the white solid satin bodice, as ruffles travail the bust and hemline. The sweetheart neckline adds a demure, Lolita-like appeal; while the back zipper closure and boning about the sides keeps your posture perfect to keep you from falling into a slouchy stupor. Oh, how I long to pair this with a black satin pencil skirt, and sky-high black patent pumps. It’s the perfect ensemble for a day at the office (if topped with a trendy blazer, of course), or a night on the town with a few of your closest pals. Romantic, dainty, ladylike…the heroines of yesteryear would be proud.

Topshop "Dark Roses Cup Corset Top" Don’t wait for a cute boy to bring you flowers, darlings; simply flaunt them about a cute blouse like Topshop’s Dark Roses Cup Corset Top. A white backdrop is covered in foliage of reds, pinks, corals, and greens lifelike enough to fill the air with the scent of flowers, while keeping you looking lovelier than ever. I can picture the scene now. White skinny jeans, bare feet donning coral nail polish, a single flower ring wrapped around my right index finger, a rose tucked primly behind my ear, the Dark Roses Cup Corset Top, and a porch swing. Add a serenading boy, a cool cup of lemonade, and a few stolen kisses into the equation and you have sheer perfection.

Nanette Lepore "Artisan Corset" Known for her attention to detail, and love for feminine styles; it’s no surprise that Nanette Lepore would take something as dreamy as a corset and turn it into a piece that is black and white and fabulous all over, in addition to being effortless and easy to wear. But that is exactly what she did with the Artisan Corset. Black and white stripes criss-cross vertically about the bust, then change their course as they move up and down horizontally over the bodice. It’s an updated jailhouse rock look that works for the office or an after-hours cocktail party, and will keep all eyes lingering on you, and only you.

Victoria's Secret "Corset Blouse" Corsets are synonymous with dainty femininity; yet the Corset Blouse from Victoria’s Secret manages to present a very sultry, rock and roll feel due, in large part, to the many buttons spotting the front. This is not to say that the style goes grunge or goth in any way, as the cap sleeves and lacey bits illustrate all too well; but for the girl looking to embrace the corset style, without appearing as if she’s wearing lingerie, this particular piece does the trick magically. Smokey eyes, a few large silver bangles or cuffs, winged eyeliner, blue jeans…it’s a look that will have everyone eating out of the palm of your hand!

Forever 21 "Floral Ruffle Corset" I would love to say that there is a reason for my adoration of Forever 21’s Floral Ruffle Corset, but instead I’ll have to admit defeat, and simply state that I’m speechless. There’s just something about the top that has made me smitten. Perhaps it’s the muted, understated pale purple backdrop that would look stunning paired with dark wash skinny jeans. Maybe it’s the tiny pink flowers that adorn, yet never overwhelm. Or perchance my passion lies more within the ruffled trim and hem; the vintage hook-eye back placket; or the shoulder straps, which are both adjustable and removable. No matter the reason, I covet this cute little corset, and find myself dreaming of having a childish, yet quaint tea party while donning it.

Lesson complete…any questions?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Charlotte Russe, Topshop, Bloomingdales, Victoria's Secret, and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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