Thursday, August 27, 2009

Belle of the Bedroom Ball

Dolls, aren’t you sick of them? Oh, don’t play coy with me; you know exactly what (or, rather, whom) I’m talking about here. Boys! We allow them to sit on the couch for days upon days watching sports of all kinds, yet when we tell them that we want to get dressed up and go out dancing they gripe and groan until we finally back down. Well, I’ve had enough. I refuse to sit around and wait for a cute boy to wine and dine me; which is why you are all cordially invited to a Bedroom Ball. It may sound completely foreign and bizarre to you, and it should, for I just made it up.

A Bedroom Ball, if you must know, is quite like a slumber party, only in place of lace-trimmed teddies and neon-colored nighties there are ball gowns. Loads and loads of ball gowns of all different colors and cuts. But before you splurge, you must learn the stipulations for attendance:

First and foremost, no boys allowed. Unless, of course, we become extremely desperate; at that time we can demand that they come over as long as they are armed with scrummy cupcakes covered in colorful whipped frosting.

No black and white ball gowns. I understand that they are extremely appealing and flattering for most shapes, but we must break the mold, and to do that we need color!

Last, but not least, no gown can go over $50. And darlings no, this isn’t as difficult to achieve as one would think.

I’ve already found my look du jour. Are you ready, loves? It’s…Appropriate Behavior’s Coral Satin One-Shoulder DressSears coupons. Isn’t it luscious?

The color alone has a very feminine flair, but it’s the demure details that make it the true dress of my dreams: a rose appliqué embellishing one shoulder, ruffles flitting about the neckline, a sash that ties into a billowy bow in the back cinching in the ideal empire waist silhouette. On second thought, maybe we should allow boys to attend the Bedroom Ball – this frock is too fabulous to keep hidden!

Don’t forget to R.S.V.P., darlings!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Macy’s for the picture.

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