Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Morning, Edie!

I think it’s fate. In fact, I’m one-hundred percent sure it’s fate. With Halloween fast approaching, I have been weighing different costume ideas in my head, and Edie Sedgwick keeps popping up. She is one lone individual who embodies each and every thing a girl could possibly want to be – an heiress, a model, an actress, a socialite, and, even better, Andy Warhol’s muse. Yes, it’s obvious why she has been on my mind 47% of the time over the past few weeks. It’s also quite apparent as to why I should think my discovery of Coconut’s EdiePiperlime coupons – is a work of fate at its best.

A black snake-embossed upper lends a slithery, seductive, sensual sensation to the average ballerina; while silver studding surrounding the collar adds a tough, rock and roll edge to the demure style. Though the best part, perhaps, is the fact that while little Edie looks like a luscious piece of leathered footwear, she is, in fact, crafted out of vegan friendly materials, making her an irresistible specimen to all you herbivores out there.

Can you see it now, darlings? She’ll be refined and romantic when paired with a party dress; rough and rebellious when donned with a cropped motorcycle jacket; chic and classic slipped on with smoky cigarette pants; even posh and prestigious when performing with a flouncy mini.

Like her namesake, little Edie is It. Perhaps not the It Girl that Sedgwick was crowned as being in the swingin’ sixties, or the Youthquaker that Diana Vreeland knighted her as in 1965, but she is certainly the It shoe. The of-the-moment piece de resistance of footwear. Don’t you just want to take her out for breakfast, or buy her a drink?

We love you, Charlie, we truly do, but there’s a new moniker we’re bidding good morning to, and her name is Edie.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Piperlime for the pictures.

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