Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cabbie Chic

Despite the dangers that accompany being a New York City cab driver, there’s an old time elegance and charm that accompanies the trade. A glamorous yet gritty noir attributed to the hidden hazards, the possible clandestine romances, even the fear and loathing pouring off the strangers in the backseat. Perhaps it is that mysteriousness, that elusive essence that makes the thought of being a cabbie so intriguing, yet downright frightful. To be on the safe side no, I won’t contemplate a career change. I’ll simply steal a slice of cabbie chic and plop it right about my head in the form of a dapper cabbie hat. After all darlings, what better way to get your fabulous fashion motor running than with a stylish piece of headwear for fall!

mark “City Riding Hat” Who knew that it was possible to find a cap crafted out of a juxtaposition of riding gear and cabbie fabulous? One is synonymous with polished refinery of the jet set, the other of abrasive attitude of the lower class. Together, however, they form the grandeur known as mark’s City Riding Hat. The typical stuffy brown tweed is sliced and diced into a round-brim beauty with a tailored fit that adds a bit of hoodlum to your haute couture; while brass-button embellishments flanking the brim add an understated twinkle to the luscious lid. I’m sure by now you’ve met mark; but have you met the mark City Riding Hat?

Urban Outfitters “EEK! By Eugenia Kim Riding Cap” I’m not the flaxen-haired femme fatale of the Once Upon A Time…fairytales we aspired to be as children, kittens. Quite the opposite, in fact. My hair is of a darker hue – a light brown, to be exact. Therefore, when I decide to top my mane with a hat, it must be one that will stand front and center atop my head, not blend in with its darker surroundings; which, of course, explains my affections for the EEK! By Eugenia Kim Riding Cap. The knit shell is soft to the touch, and features the most divine little boxy blocked print adornment; whilst the ivory color corresponds magically with the ambrosial chocolate flushed hatband dressed up with antique hardware, a combination that’s almost good enough to eat!

August Accessories “Military Cap with Bow” Paging Blair Waldorf! If there’s any doubt in your mind about a cabbie hat having the power to transform ordinary into extraordinary; to turn slouch to starlet; to morph bland to beguiling…well, August Accessories’ Military Cap with Bow is most definitely it. The chocolate and pink shades work as one to blend dainty and demure with dark and dangerous; the end result being a debonair delight with the perennial possibility of prettying up every item in your closet. Tossing masculine touches to the wayside, the Military Cap with Bow embraces femininity at its finest, staying true to the color scheme of the headgear, while accommodating a captivating bow with brass button accent which keeps the acrid style adorable. You don’t have to say a word love; I already know that this cap will be perched upon your head from now until New Year’s!

Juicy Couture “Wool/Cashmere Newsboy Cap” Mes chéris, promise me you won’t fret. Don’t think of it as an emergency if you are draped in dark colors from head to toe. You can still be a petite pretty in pink mademoiselle as long as you have Juicy Couture’s Wool/Cashmere Newsboy Cap perched atop that no-nonsense noggin of yours. From the moment you slip this slouchy stunner on you’ll be in hat heaven, for the wool/cashmere blend is as soft as freshly-lotioned skin. But softness isn’t the key here…rather, it’s just one of the keys to happiness – the others are made up of tiny touches here, and covetsome additions there that make you over the moon – a single gold tone button that sits askew above the brim, and the tiny tab on the crown synonymous with berets; a piece of French flair for your all-American style. Maintenant...don't vous paraissez joli!

Forever 21 “Diamond-Shaped Cabbie Hat” Honestly, I’ve always known that diamonds were a girls best friend; but Forever 21’s Diamond-Shaped Cabbie Hat has made me much more aware of that sentiment courtesy of the categorically cute diamond pattern garnishing each and every nook and cranny of its surface. But the crème de la crème lies not in its ornament, mind you, nor in its affordability. It is the versatility factor that keeps the Diamond-Shaped Cabbie Hat a fashionable prize in my eyes; for the very Oliver Twist buttoned front strap? Well, my dears, it can be removed at a moment’s notice – you know, for those moments in life when you crave a little change, no matter how minimal. Mes amis, I hope you’re on your feet, for I’m already scooping these yarn-crafted gems up by the dozen – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there are some left for you!

Are you ready to make cabbie chic your own?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to mark, Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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