Monday, August 3, 2009

Your Name Here

Oh, mes animaux favoris, I have never been one for goodbyes – whether for a weeklong getaway to the country, a summer spent backpacking abroad, or a few nights slumbering under an unfamiliar roof. They trigger unhealthy amounts of tears; allow me to feel lost, alone, and sorrowful; and leave me searching for a security blanket of sorts, something that will comfort me, and bring to mind memories of wondrous times, as opposed to tragic farewells. The Juicy Couture Yearbook Tote is capable of doing just that.

Toss out those autograph books; forget about wasting money on plain white tees; the best way to keep your friends close to your heart is by allowing them to display their creative sides on a tote that can accompany you here, there, and everywhere.

The cotton, cream-colored backdrop aptly titled Angel is the perfect place to allow your pals to scrawl their sentiments – fun or flirty, who really cares – while the size of the bag, which sports expandable side gussets with snaps provides just enough room for you to comfortably lug all of the usual necessities about.

Inside? Hot pink lining with angel-colored words proclaiming Juicy Couture in a sassy script, in addition to cell and zip pockets. Outside? A front-pocket adorned with a colorful collegiate crest proudly displaying two Scottie dogs, and the year 2009. Hidden within this petit pocket? Eight permanent markers in varying shades – gold, bronze, pink, turquoise, blue, black, purple, and silver. A luxury that makes it simple for people to put pen to paper – pardon me, pen to purse.

Not to be forgotten, of course, is the treasure emblazoned about the back – the John Hancock of Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy, the founders of JC.

Ignore – if only temporarily – the preppy monogrammed totes you so often find yourself fawning over; the Juicy Couture Yearbook Tote is an updated version of the aforementioned, synonymous with a scrapbook that doubles as a functional fashion accessory.

Tell me, lambs…what messages will your friends leave for you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bloomingdales for the pictures.

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