Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vanity Fair

I was one of those little girls who couldn’t pass the colorful plastic Playskool vanities in the store without sitting down at one and imagining myself a movie star complete with bright pink feathered boa slung about my neck, rhinestone-encrusted sunglasses sitting upon the slope of my nose, and my mother’s treasured red lipstick in its golden tube wrapped in my pudgy fingers. I never did receive one – no matter how many Christmases it topped my wish list. But perhaps it was for the best. After all, I would have outgrown it. As far as I know, there will be no more growing on my part; thus, now seems as good a time as any to invest in one. Ooh kittens, I’m well-aware of the fact that it’s the twenty-first century, and the au naturel look is one to embrace. But sometimes we must work to achieve such a style; and there’s no place better to strive for natural, cosmetic perfection than at a vanity fit for a queen!

Powell Furniture “Hills of Provence 32” Antique White” I’ve always quite admired Marie Antoinette for her cunning prowess, palatial wardrobe, and sinister wit. Of all the royals of past, she is one who has always stood out vibrantly in my mind – as did her ostentatious palace and furniture. What better way then, to show respect to France’s dearly departed Queen than by embracing her style via the Hills of Provence 32” Antique White, an enchanting vanity that quite clearly drips the elegance only found within the confines of the Mediterranean French Countryside. The rustic antique white finish with minor hints of mocha and coffee hues is only made more captivating via the perfectly sized mirror flanked by carvings of acanthus leaves and gathered wheat; while the bench, upholstered in a shimmery patterned material is, simply put, fit for a Queen.

Home Decorators Collection “Queen Anne Vanity Set” While the other little girls were off drawing pictures of cats and houses with curlicue wisps of smoke pouring out of their chimneys with colored sidewalk chalk, I was armed with a notebook, binoculars, and an assortment of other spy paraphernalia. When my classmates were off playing soccer in the unkempt grassy schoolyard, I was sitting in a corner gazing adoringly at the collection of baubles hanging haphazardly from my pre-teen form. It’s true, from a very young age I have loved two things: mysteries and jewelry; which explains why I love the Queen Anne Vanity Set, for a secret side compartment mysteriously opens to reveal a special place to hide your most treasured pretties. But that is not all I love about it, to be sure. There’s the color – a rich mahogany; there’s the size – small enough to fit here, there, or anywhere without being too miniscule for use; there’s the floral upholstered bench – a whimsical print that keeps you surrounded by the loveliness of spring year-round. Oui, I simply adore it!

Windward Furniture “Burns Vanity Set in Glossy Silver” Sleek style is hard to come by; so when you find it, by all means, scoop it up! Or at least swoon over it, the way I’m swooning over the Burns Vanity Set in Glossy Silver. Minimalist and compact, the Burns Vanity Set in Glossy Silver has a very futuristic, out of this world ambiance to it, partly attributed to the metal construction and silver finish as opposed to the typical wood formations most often found in the world of vanities. A doubled countertop provides a drawer-like storage space perfect for keeping your treasures safe, while making it a breeze to sneak peeks at them through the see-through glass surface. The saying is true…good things do come in small packages!

Ballard Designs “Darby Vanity” Why on earth should a girl settle for a single mirror, when she can feast her eyes on a triple shot of her very own beauty with the tri-fold hinged-wing mirror found on the Darby Vanity. Delicate and graceful, the Darby Vanity is a specimen of the finest Victorian sassiness with a modern touch courtesy of the dark as night hue dancing atop the handsomely carved alder and birch. I suppose I should divulge one of the reasons why I’ve fallen into such a hypnotic trance for the Darby Vanity. It has quite a bit to do with the midnight shade. I find it impossible not to keep thoughts of setting this precocious piece up upon a black and white checkered floor, and stringing silver chains all over the side mirrors to enhance its glamour. For you see, the Darby Vanity is not merely a vanity, it’s a piece of modern art – and I’m ready to make it my canvas.

Lea Industries “Emma’s Treasures II Bedroom Vanity with Mirror” A vanity is only as good as the amount of storage space it possesses. Emma’s Treasures II Bedroom Vanity with Mirror…well, to be honest, it sports more storage space than my dresser! Old-fashioned and dainty, the vintage white-color finish truly comes alive when seen in correspondence to the provincial pewter-colored hardware serving as handles for each of the nine drawers, a sophisticated addition making it a one-of-a-kind luxury of lavish proportions. The true piece de resistance, of course, stems in the form of an antique-inspired oval mirror offset with carvings of a very Blair Waldorf-esque bow resting on a bed of demure flowers; in addition to my personal favorite…a skeleton key matching the previously mentioned hardware – a final touch that invokes thoughts of scandalous love letters locked away from the prying eyes of nosy parents.

Are you ready to join the vanity fair?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bedroom Furniture, Home Decorators, Student Market, Ballard Designs, and Simply Vanities for the pictures.

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