Sunday, August 16, 2009

Temple of Dome

Look it up all you want, you’ll find yourself empty-handed. There are no pendant precedents. No trinket tenets. No gem guidelines. When it comes to wearing jewelry the only thing to remember is that anything goes. You will find no decrees stating that a ring is not a ring unless decked out in diamonds. No regulations proclaiming that a band about the finger is any less special if not resplendent in rhinestones. In fact, since we’re being completely candid here, sometimes it’s the sparklers that are more subtle that pack more of a punch; that add volume to your ensemble without weighing it down. Case in point…the dome ring.

House of Harlow 1960 “14kt Yellow Gold Plated Carnelian Dome Ring Tiger’s Eye” My introduction to the tiger’s eye gemstone was a fluke that took place during my seventh year, at the height of my obsession with metamorphic rocks. There it was, sitting patiently, as if awaiting my arrival outside a store front, belonging to no one. From that day forth, the beauty of the stone has been etched within my brain; which brings us to the 14kt Yellow Gold Plated Carnelian Dome Ring. Spellbinding in both the red and the black, the Tiger’s Eye is the hue that speaks volumes to me. The honey-colored stone has a hypnotic, mood ring-like elegance, which corresponds magically with the gold setting surrounding it. It’s a celestial specimen with the power to draw gasps from friends and foes alike when at rest upon your finger.

Charlotte Russe “Etched Dome Ring” Perhaps I can blame my travel addled mind for the thoughts that coincide with mere glances upon the Etched Dome Ring, but I find it nearly impossible to keep from thinking of the Asian gongs used to kick off sumo wrestling contests in ancient times. At other moments, I find my thoughts drifting off in the direction of music, caused by its resemblance to the cymbals banged upon by sweaty drummers in metal bands. Either way, the Etched Dome Ring marks itself as a tasteful gold bauble, which sports an unobtrusive, roughly etched surface that adds a slight ruggedness to a subdued style; managing to cause a standing ovation when worn front and center on your finger thanks to, in large part, its sassy simplicity.

Potluck Paris “Déco Black Ring” Please contain the schoolgirl squeals bubbling up within – it’s not a bird, plane, UFO, or, unfortunately, the hunky Superman. Rather, it’s something oh so much better…the Deco Black Ring. So rarely do you feast your eyes on an objet d’art that is part accessory part collector’s item, but the Deco Black Ring is it. The large, saucer-like shape is ringed in a scintillating silver, enhanced with a high gloss black mineral found sprucing up its surface, which adds a sleek look worthy of a New York City Museum of Modern Art exhibit. Sinfully simple, modestly mysterious, intricately intriguing, casually classic. It’s impossible for this trinket to do anything less than take your entire wardrobe to new heights!

Topshop “Large Cut Out Circle Ring” There’s a foreign flavor to Topshop’s Large Cut Out Circle Ring. A glamour that invokes thoughts of Cleopatra VII, Queen of the Nile; of elliptical amphitheatre Colosseums built of brick and stonework seen throughout the metropolis of Rome; of Egyptian artifacts viewed only within the hallowed halls of marble-floored art exhibits. It is that transoceanic taste coupled with the vintage gold wash and classy cutouts that lend an enigmatic air to the finery, while keeping it completely mainstream. Worn with a well-loved windbreaker and harem pants it retains a level of weather-beaten, touristy comfort; used as a sole accessory with a form-fitting cocktail dress it makes a statement. It’s a versatile piece that bridges the gap between blasé and beautiful, providing unrefined elegance to whatever ensemble you should happen to find yourself swathed in.

Newport News “Chalcedony Sterling Silver Ring” Don’t let the unfamiliar title scare you away – chalcedony is not a close cousin of chemistry-laden alchemy. To be completely truthful, it is nothing more than a fancy name for a Microcrystalline Quartz – aka a sparkly bauble with the ability to light up a room. Newport News’ Chalcedony Sterling Silver Ring is no different. A ruby red chalcedony stone cut in an octagonal shape, and set within a shiny sterling silver backdrop takes center stage when perched about your pointer, or parked atop your pinky, courtesy of light-reflecting facets and a mix of modern yet medieval qualities. Polished refinement is a cinch to achieve when ornamented with a subtle slice of jewelry that speaks volumes, such as this raw-cut pretty!

Are you ready to traverse the Tower of Dome?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22, Charlotte Russe, Moxsie, Topshop, and Newport News for the pictures.

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