Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Around the World in 80 Days

Oh, mes amours, it has taken some time, but I am finally coming to terms with the fact that no, I will not be going anywhere fabulous for the summer. My travel plans will be made up of awaking in my stuffy bedroom and moving quickly to the crowded living room where I will study for the CLEP College Algebra Exam; work on various articles; and blog. The usual, of course. Thus, since I will not be traveling to any exotic locales, I have decided to invest in tiny trinkets that will make me feel as if I’m seeing the world in 80 days. How, precisely, will I go about doing this, you ask? Easy. Via the delicate, antique-inspired Destination Charm Necklaces from the fashionably fabulous Urban Outfitters.

Twenty-inch chain necklaces made of brass, tin casting, and nickel; sporting lobster clasps, and a small mix of charms inspired by the destination in question – Paris, Venice, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and California, the Destination Charm Necklaces are an affordable way to feed the world traveler burning within; while adding a subtle blast of sparkle to your throat.

Paris Lovelies, I will tell you the truth right now…though I have never been to Paris physically, through the amount of research and reading I have completed about the la ville de lumière, mentally, I have been there hundreds, possibly thousands of times. I’ve strolled through the Menagerie at the Jardin des Plantes; bought fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables at the Marche Aligre; danced the night away at Le Batofar; and sipped coffee at Jardin de L’Internet. Four charms dangle from the Paris Destination Charm Necklace – the Eiffel Tower, a French token, a fleur de lis, and a piece of brass with a beautiful inscription – la bonne vie. Oui, it truly is the good life.

Amsterdam Aside from a brief obsession with clogs back in the second grade, and poring over a book about how the Dutch celebrate holidays in the fifth, I know little to nothing about Amsterdam. The four quaint little charms found on the Destination Amsterdam Necklace make me desperate to learn more. The tulip emblazoned token makes me long for a day of sightseeing along the Jordaan, an entire neighborhood devoted solely to plants and flowers. The whimsical windmill has me ready to embark on a tour of all eight of Amsterdam ’s windmills – from the De Otter to the De 1200 Roe – and everything in between. The chic clog brings to mind the countless hours I could spend shopping upon De Negen Straatjes. And the kissing boy and girl? An obvious indication that romance is sure to be found while dining at Bakkerswinkel or listening to live music at Bitterzoet.

Venice The first week of August marks the date when a friend of mine will depart for Umbria, a quaint little region of central Italy where she will spend two weeks vacationing in a villa fit for a queen. To the West is Tuscany , a location known for its tempting food and wine. To the East is Marche, aptly nicknamed “the new Tuscany.” To the South is Lazio, the region of Rome best known for its many parks and lakes. On a daily basis, she will indulge in many of the things played out in the four Venice charms – shopping, a la the boot-shaped charm which represents the la vita italiana; a gondola with a little gondolier to row her and a beau about St. Mark’s on a romantic, moonlit night; a pretty poppy representative of jaunts about Giardinetti Reali; and a single scripted word – amore. Sì, you simply can’t help but love la bella vita italiana.

London I won’t place blame regarding my love of London on the temptations of Harrods, or Selfridges. I won’t point fingers at the late ethereal Princess Di, or a slight crush on the rosy-cheeked Prince Harry. No, my true passion for the British speaking country lies in literature. In the romantic tales written by the hand of Jane Austen, in the kitschy stories told by the sassy Sophie Kinsella. Through their words I have piddled around Picadilly Circus; stood about Buckingham Palace waiting for the Changing of the Guards to take place; spun around on the London Eye for hours upon hours, as I observe the entire city; spent quiet afternoons in Kent; indulged in noisy evenings at Mahiki. The Destination London Necklace captures all this and so much more – the Queen’s Guard; the detailed rose; the tea pot and saucer; Big Ben…these four charms manage to bring the essentials of London ’s loveliness to life.

California Though my original birthplace is New York City, I have called California my home for quite some time; thus, I feel as if I know it like the back of my hand, and love the tiny tribute to the sunshine state that I can wear about my neck. Unlike the others in the collection, California bears only three charms; though these charms are completely representative of the things California is known for. A heart to recognize the hippie movement that took place in the 60s within the small town of Berkeley , which held fast to the belief of free love; a palm tree to salute the type of no-frills flora that seemingly dots every street corner; and a cutout of California itself to honor the much-loved territory.

Tokyo February 2007. Now and Zen written by Linda Gerber. My infatuation with Tokyo , Japan started during this time. I fell in love with the Imperial Palace East Gardens , shopping in Takeshita-dori and Omotesando, and dining at the bohemian inspired Café Ano. Cherry blossoms became my favorite flower; anime a passion. As such, a part of me is convinced that the Destination Tokyo Necklace was crafted with me in mind. A colored cherry blossom; a lone tatami zori sandal; a flirty Akogeomi; the 5 Tier Pagoda…they are the heart and soul of the exotic district, and bring Tokyo ’s true essence to the forefront.

Where does your dream destination lead you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Urban Outfitters for the pictures.

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