Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Denim Darling

You do not need a degree in fashion design or merchandising to select the perfect jacket; nor must you rely on fashion forecasters to predict what long sleeved marvel should be hanging in your closet. Sometimes all you really need to dress up is a piece that will dress you down. A divine little slice of warm weather heaven that will shield you from those chilly moments; or simply add a little dimension, a little volume, to your outerwear. Thus I bring to you my wardrobe craving du jour...the denim jacket.

Mike & Chris "Gibson Long Sleeve Denim Jacket in Copenhagen Blue" Woven detailing. Tortoise buttons. This Gibson Long Sleeve Denim Jacket in Copenhagen Blue has an original design that is multifaceted, and...simply put, magnificent. The collar, buttons, and detailing upon the shoulders bring to mind a look reminiscent of The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper days; yet the striking color keeps the look modern and manages to awaken every piece in your wardrobe. I think I’ve just become a Gibson Girl!

Urban Outfitters "Urban Renewal Overdyed Denim Jacket" Ooh, UO, you’ve most certainly piqued my interest...this Urban Renewal Overdyed Denim Jacket is like no other you will ever see your friends or foes donning, because it’s one-of-a-kind made especially for you! Crafted out of vintage denim jackets, then overdyed to give it a wash all its own, this is a jacket the trendsetting girl will be clawing to get her hands on. I’ll take two, s’il vous plait…after all, they’re bound to be different!

True Religion Brand Jeans "'Jimmy' Denim Jacket" A new fellow by the name of Jimmy has captured my interest. He has classic good looks, is rugged and rough, yet a bit of a softie once you get to know him. Yes, True Religion Brand Jeans’ ‘Jimmy’ Denim Jacket, is, quite possibly, the quintessential piece de resistance of the denim world. Distressed yet demure; classic yet modern; soft yet hardcore. Toss it on over a flowy white sundress, and you’re the picture of innocence; paired with pumps and a micro-mini and you’re a girl about town. Oh Jimmy, can’t you see that you’re the one that I want?

Old Navy "Women's Denim Jacket" By now you all know me well enough to be aware of my devotion to dark wash denim; but I am going to throw you all for a loop by admitting that, in this particular case, the medium wash Women’s Denim Jacket has made a much bigger impact on me. The white undertones in the denim provide a slight acid-wash vibe without looking to 80s, yet keep the oftentimes harsh look that denim jackets create to a minimum, making this the perfect piece for summer, when the night air causes just the slightest bit of goosebumps, and you’re looking for a neutral beauty to pair with your knit mini and espadrilles.

Charley 5.0 "Denim Zipper Jacket" Edginess is something that my wardrobe lacks. Sure, I have a pair of motorcycle boots (which have yet to see the light of day), but aside from the buckled beauties, I tend to go more girly and less masculine. Regardless, this Denim Zipper Jacket may be just the edgy piece my closet is calling for. Silver slant zippers provide a glittery contrast to the dark wash denim; while the motorcycle-like cut gives this denim jacket an out-of-the-ordinary appearance that will add a little tough girl chic to everything from florals to ruffles, and feathers to frills.

Are you ready to become a denim darling?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Old Navy, and The Hip Chick for the pictures.

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