Sunday, June 28, 2009

Waist-ing Away

Oh mon chers, I feel like a downright, dirty traitor. My low-rise skinny jeans have been with me through thick and thin. They’ve danced under disco balls; gone on lunch dates with cute boys; went on road trips through ghost towns; dined in divine restaurants; and even spent time at the beach. So do you not think that I am committing the worst form of fashion betrayal by fawning over 70s inspired high-waisted jeans? Do you think me guilty of mutiny, perhaps even treason, for coveting their Brigitte Bardot infused beauty? I have tried my best to ignore their lovely lure, but it seems impossible...I’m waist-ing away.

Blue London Jean "The Seventies Jean" The only thing I love more than high-waisted jeans at the moment? High-waisted jeans that don’t put a dent in my wallet, of course. Thus, The Seventies Jean is bound to become a close, personal friend of mine quite shortly – or so I hope. This is a pair of denim that does a body good, and would most certainly please the likes of Donna and Jackie, the high-waist wearing femme fatales of That 70’s Show or Charlie’s divinely-dressed detective Angels. The dark wash provides a canvas for all sorts of spectacular styles – from brightly colored tops, to more classic neutrals – while the wide leg and bell bottom fit would look simply irresistible with a woven pair of espadrilles and big sunglasses. These are scrummy to the tenth power!

J Brand "'The Bardot' High Waist Skinny Jean" Obviously I lucked out a bit, for these Bardot High Waist Skinny Jeans make it simple for me to embrace the high waist style without forsaking my beloved skinny cut. With these, I may just feel the desire to, for once in my life, tuck in an Oxford button-down top to showcase the high waist, which features a 1 ½ inch waistband, in addition to a cute copper-colored closure, and call it a day. During weekdays, when I’m pushing paper at the office, I’d keep it professional with blazers and booties; on weekends or nights out, they would transform to a piece of casual creativity, being paired with off-the-shoulder tops and loose sweatshirts. Finally, I will be able to channel my inner Brigitte!

metrostyle "High Waist Suspender Jeans" You may feel yourself overwhelmed with the urge to run from overalls that remind you of your childhood playground days; but I am telling you straight…you will never want to let go of these sailor-imbued, ultra light stonewashed High Waist Suspender Jeans. The color is reminiscent of a blue sky on a cloudless day, and is accented with a total of twelve shiny silver buttons – six located on each hip – an embellishment that only heightens the sailor style. The wide leg is ideal for flattering any shape or size; and, of course, if the suspenders are unwanted, simply take them off, as they’re detachable. Yes, it’s a versatile piece that would look lovely with brightly colored accessories, and long, flowing tresses or a floppy hat; plus, they’re trendily affordable – I guess it’s time to take my own advice and buy a pair myself!

Silence & Noise "High-Waisted Skinny Jean" Upon spotting these High-Waisted Skinny Jeans, I instantly thought of jeggings; but no, these are most certainly jeans, just with a spandex addition for easy movement. Adorned with five pockets and tapered legs, these are high-waisted skinny jeans will make you feel like a model strutting your stuff up and down the catwalk, even if you’re simply shopping at the local drugstore. Available in three colors – midnight, black overdye, and light blue – all of which display contrasting stitching, and a very retro waistband, it’s impossible to choose a favorite. Maybe I should just splurge and opt for all three?

Rich & Skinny "High Waisted Bootcut Jeans" Relaxed yet regal. Vintage yet avant-garde. Romantic yet free-spirited. Those are the words that instantly flitted through my mind upon spotting these High Waisted Bootcut Jeans. The true blue vintage wash, contrasting orange seaming, and whiskering on the thighs keep the often retro style fresh and contemporary from top to bottom; while the double button closure add a fun, flirty flair to the look. But the main attraction, at least in my mind, is the differing heights of the waist – the front features a 9-inch regular rise, whilst the back showcases a 14-inch rise. It’s a whimsical, original addition that only makes them more covetable.

Are you waist-ing away too, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Victoria's Secret, Net-A-Porter, metrostyle, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon for the pictures.

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