Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lounge Lizard

I’m not sure if it’s the prospect of the four day weekend that is looming ahead of me right now, or the sheer fact that I am simply thrilled to be done with school for the summer...either way, the only thing I can think of at the moment is lounge pants. A cozy, comfy pair of sweats that are cute while still retaining a semblance of style; so I don’t have to suffer through any of those I-feel-like-an-unkempt-slob moments that so often filtrate my mind when I’m lazing about the house. Yes, I’m admitting it right here, I want to be a lounge lizard – at least for a few days.

American Eagle Outfitters “Aerie Girly Crop Pant” I once read that eagles are an ancient symbol of the sun. Maybe that’s why I had to include these Aerie Girly Crop Pants from American Eagle Outfitters – American Eagle coupons; for, in my case, they represent the ending of one school year, and the beginning of a sun-filled summer. The strawberry candy color is a mix of bubblegum and fresh picked strawberries. The skinny fit gives these lounge pants a fairly hip, yet undeniably playful, carefree vibe. And the contrasting navy blue Bald Eagle graphic is a whimsical touch that is simply irresistible. I kind of need these. In addition to the matching hoodie and tank!

Victoria’s Secret “French Terry Crop Pant” I find it odd that Victoria’s Secret has seemingly become one of my favorite stores over the past few months, given the fact that, prior to this time I was convinced that they were nothing but a lingerie shop, and paid little mind to them. Now, I want anything and everything with their tag on it. Case in point, these French Terry Crop Pants. These are lounge pants fit for a ballerina. The colors – field grey and dusty pink – are demure and dainty; while the texture of the material is as smooth as silk. I could most certainly see myself wearing these outdoors on a casual shopping day, or stretching out in them on the sofa in the middle of the summer. Je veux!

Ed Hardy “Drawstring Lounge Pants” I’ll admit it, I’m not the biggest fan of actual tattoos, but I have become completely obsessed with Christian Audigier’s (aka Ed Hardy) tattoo-inspired designs. Thus, it does not shock me that I would instantly find myself crazy about these Drawstring Lounge Pants. The aqua color is the perfect backdrop for the brightly colored koi fish which harbors a happy-go-lucky expression, and is representative of “strength of purpose and perseverance of adversity” in addition to good fortune and luck, two things you can never get enough of; while the full-pants length is perfect for those chillier days when capris simply won’t make the cut. What do I see in my future? A pair of these pants, of course!

Lounge Lover “Tessa Jumpsuit” I’m one of those obnoxious people who often feels the need to color coordinate my top with my lounge pants. Of course, unless you’re buying a matching set, this often creates unnecessary fashion worries, especially when all you’re truly searching for is a little rest and relaxation. So this Tessa Jumpsuit? Basically, it’s the answer to our color coordination worries; and a cozy one at that! A cashmere-blend jumpsuit that features a heart-shaped patch at the back of the neck, a collar that is perfect for popping, a zipper at the chest, and a cinched waist, this is an adorable way to laze about in style, and toss all of your fashion worries and woes to the wayside.

Outer Sports “Women’s Retro Terry Capri Sports Pants” Sweats often come across as sleepwear, not loungewear. Something you toss on right before you hit the sack, as opposed to trotting around in during your waking hours, when there’s the possibility of someone popping in to say hello. Oddly enough, these Women’s Retro Terry Capri Sports Pants are a very put-together version of the sometimes sloppy sweatpant. Featuring a raw-edge trim, adjustable elastic cuffs that allow you to customize the length, and a drawstring waist, these are perfect for a day of vegging out in front of the telly, or plopping poolside with a few glossies.

What’s your look du jour when lounging?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Eagle Outfitters, Victoria's Secret, Dillard's, Net-A-Porter, and Outer Sports for the pictures.

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