Saturday, June 13, 2009

Smitten Saturday

Girl and the Grill I’m just going to cast aside all thoughts of my kitchen disasters – such as the sugar cookies that were hard as rocks and featured wax paper stuck to their bottoms; the banana bread that was burnt on one side and soupy on the other; and the chicken that was black on the outside and way too pink for safe consumption on the inside – and admit that, thanks to a little inspiration from Katie Lee Joel, my adorable new obsession, I want a grill. I am infatuated with attempting to make her Memorial Day Burgers, her Shrimp with Chili Peppers, and even her BBQ Chicken. Thus, I am in need of a grill. This Retromodern Mini Grill from Anthropologie certainly fits the bill. Cute, retro, tiny, and absolutely perfect for the girl who knows next to nothing about grilling. Stand back, I’m about to unleash my inner Bobbie Flay!

Invitation Only I really, truly wish that I was in New York City right now, because the event of the season is taking place tonight, and I am going to miss it. Fashion Party is the first-ever fashion networking party for fashion bloggers, designers, and fashionistas, and will be taking place at Heathers (on 506 E. 13th Street between Ave. A & Ave. B). Will there be giveaways? Yes. Will there be raffles? Of course. Will there be countless opportunities to meet amazing people? Without a doubt. I already have the perfect outfit in mind; now I just need a plane ticket to get there. We all know I’ll never make it though; so, if you’re going...give me all the minute-by-minute details, as I plan on seeing it all vicariously through you!

Magically Minnie I’ve a confession to make...I’ve always wanted to live the life of an Heiress. To attend lavish Park Avenue parties. Spend my weekends traipsing back and forth from New York City to the Hamptons. Dining at chichi Country Clubs in decadent designer duds. And attending posh picnics in pretty, preppy pieces fit for the affluent. Now, despite the fact that I do not have the bank account of an Heiress, I can dress like one thanks to a little assistance from designer Minnie Mortimer – yes, the sister-in-law of Tinsley Mortimer. Her line is perfect for the sophisticated shopper interested in looking classy and chic all at the same time. What’s on my Minnie wish list? The Lia Dress; the Devon Dress; the Tinsley Dress; the Dabney Tunic; even these cute little Boxer Shorts. Please, oh please, Minnie, work your magic and make them appear!

Cookie Cutter Footwear Maybe I’m not the only one obsessed with cooking and the Food Network. I think that Mr. Marc Jacobs himself has been spending a bit of time testing out his culinary skills in the kitchen, if his recent footwear releases are an indication of anything. There are his Flat Cut-Out Heart Shoes, Heart Shaped Slingbacks, Heart Wedge Sandal, Lace-Up Shoe with Heart Heel, and Multi-Heart Sandals. Each looks as if it has been crafted with the assistance of a kitschy little heart-shaped cookie cutter; plus, they’re simply scrummy!

Seventeen Again No, unlike Zac Efron’s character in the film 17 Again, I have not had the chance to rewind time and relive my high school years. However, whenever I spot a new issue of Seventeen magazine on store shelves, I can’t help but find myself feeling giddy and incapable of keeping my hands off it. Just flipping through the affordable fashions, dating tips, make-up tricks, and true life stories makes me feel like I’m Seventeen Again. The fashion editorials, the celebrities on the cover, the’s all a guilty pleasure that I simply can’t resist. No, I’m not seventeen, but I’m still a subscriber of the magazine; and will be for years and years to come!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Corrie Bond Photographer and Minnie Mortimer for the pictures.

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