Monday, June 15, 2009

Tell Me A Story

It was Kathleen Turner’s Joan Wilder in the film Romancing the Stone who opened my eyes to the glamour that accompanied the life of a writer. The ability to concoct wild stories full of romance and adventure. The chance to create characters who embodied all of the features that you would look for in a best friend, co-worker, even the perfect man. But, best of all, she led me to believe that writers need not worry about how they looked during their creative moments. No, they could spend their days decked out in a pair of fabulous flannels, letting the ingenious momentum flow through their fingertips; because you see, my darlings, writers – at least of the fiction world – simply went to work in their pajamas. And what more perfect pair of pajamas for a writer to go to work in than these snuggly Cotton Mayfair Pajamas in Bedtime Story from la lovely Vicky – Victoria’s Secret coupons.

Golden toned and embellished with sassy script in a flirty fuchsia hue, it’s obvious that there’s absolutely no risk of writer’s block when decked out in these dreamy dazzlers. Crafted of a breathable cotton, the button-down top displays a delicate collar, and pretty pockets perfect for storing your writer must-haves – pens, pads, and post-its; while the slouchy full-length bottoms feature a drawstring waist making it easy to achieve maximum comfort.

These will not be locked up once the warmer months have passed us; nor will they make their way into the attic after the chilly season comes to a close. Why? Simple. They are ideal for year-round use. Roll the sleeves up when you’re feeling sticky; top with a colorful sleep cami when it’s warm; or simply wear as is. These are the PJ’s that will comfort you no matter what season is upon us.

Now, won’t you tell me a story...or, perhaps, since I'm brimming with inspiration, I should simply pen one of my own.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Victoria's Secret for the pictures.

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