Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scorpion King

A venomous predator; scorpions are not one to be fooled with.

Stings can be deadly; aggressive moments aren’t out of the question.

When viewed under an ultraviolet light it’s possible to see them glow. Perhaps in quite the same way that this Scorpion Ring will glow, twinkle, shine, sparkle, and shimmer upon my welcoming finger.

A brass body with antique finish is bedazzled with crystal stones in a gulp-worthy amber tone.

Divine detailing highlight each and every crevice of the multiple-eyed creature making him virtually come to life with each wiggle and sway of your hand.

His motives? Unkind.

His deviant behavior? Leaves much to be desired.

Even so, he is king. A majestic royal pleased as long as he has a proper place to perch himself. His private perch du jour? Why my finger, of course!

Oui, I worship at the house of le petit scorpion; now please say you’ll be mine, oh great one!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Girlprops for the picture.

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