Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Subtle Yet Spectacular Miss KK

Miss KK’s fashion work of genius has been floating about since 2000; yet I wasn’t introduced to her whimsical, far-out creations until a few short months ago when I glimpsed her yummy, crystal-encrusted feather necklaces upon Moxsie. From there it was true love which spawned hundreds of scenarios for wearing these first-class feathered fantastics – with a t-shirt and jeans; a little black dress; the piece de resistance when attending a 1920s flapper-inspired get-together. They’re subtle yet spectacular beauties; as is Miss KK herself.

Why the name Miss KK?
Miss KK: Miss KK is my name – KK are my initials. Kristine Karnaky is my real given name, but once I moved to LA ten years ago I christened myself Miss KK.

When/how did you start Miss KK?
MKK: I first started making clothes to sell back in 2000 when my friend Kime Buzzelli opened up her boutique ShowPony. She needed things to sell, and that’s where it all began. I decided to start making feather necklaces when I had a fashion show about two-years-ago, and needed some accessories to feature. They were so loved that I started making and selling them.

What’s on your wish list right now?
MKK: I really want some awesome cork/clog shoes. Not too heavy or dumpy...really elf chic. Do they even exist?

Can you describe the ultimate Miss KK girl?
MKK: The ultimate would be someone who loves to dress up, wear lots of color, can dress up to the nines, or do the downplayed flats and casual style and still look amazing. She is of another time – not trendy, and not afraid to be herself. She is totally aware of the who’s and what’s of fashion, but is more a style starter than follower. She loves to wear vintage. She is carefree, happy, light, fun, demure, dark, fairy, elf, and temptress all at once...she’s amazing!

Clothes. Jewelry. Which do you prefer to create more?
MKK: Clothes because it’s a whole outfit that creates an entire feeling and experience. I think having the opportunity to create a whole scene with a backdrop, people, location…is the absolute dreamiest thing. Of course, dresses are a bit harder to sell because the type that I make are constructed of expensive fabric, and quite time-consuming to put-together. Jewelry is less expensive and more versatile as to who can wear it. I feel that by creating my feathered necklaces I’ve expanded Miss KK to reach many more people.

What is your go to accessory?
MKK: My feather necklaces. I wear mine everyday, all the time, with everything!

Favorite places to shop?
MKK: I love vintage! I go to Ragmop like once a week because it’s a block from my house; but they also have amazing older vintage for good prices.

What is the mission of Miss KK?
MKK: To give girls dreamy clothes and accessories that are like no other, and make them feel unique, special, and beautiful.

Any advice for girls who love fashion/design?
MKK: Expand your outlook and horizon. Try new things, think outside the box, and find your own style and nitch. I admire people who are different and have their own thing going on. It’s inspiring to see people so inspired!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Miss KK for the pictures.

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