Monday, June 29, 2009

Second Summer

There’s something about Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen that reminds me of a Second Summer. Her strong, yet oftentimes hushed voice seems to echo through your brain in the same fashion that the warm breeze accompanying a Second Summer rustles the crisp leaves as they morph from green to yellow to brown to orange to red with the changing of the seasons; while at breathy pauses of the song, images of feathers being ruffled, and blowing in the wind flow through your mind. Perhaps that’s why I instantly thought of her when I laid eyes upon Alex and Ani’s Moonlit Mile Feather Necklace.

While just a tiny whispery, whimsical feather laced through a delicate gold chain and topped with an elegant rhinestone bead, there’s something so undeniably lovely about this piece that simply takes my breath away. The truffle is dark and delicious; but it’s the amber-colored offering, which is offset by fluffy bits of white, that has truly caught my eye.

Ethereal is perhaps the word best fit to describe this particular piece, as it invokes images and thoughts of fringed and beaded moccasins; of wide-open plains; of cutoff denim shorts; of loose-fitting tanks and tees in neutral colors; of hippie headbands; of bohemian beauty; of earth-loving goddesses. There’s an effortless spirituality found within this tiny gem that is utterly impossible to resist. Topping a plain white tee all by its lonesome, it would stand front and center; but even if combined with draping gold chains, there’s something about it that would still bring its beauty to the forefront.

Soft, sultry, angelic...I’m desperate to have one of my own!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Alex and Ani for the pictures.

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