Friday, June 19, 2009

I Love Rock and...Soul?

Over the past six months I have become what I like to term an “Ed Head,” finding myself completely smitten with the Vintage Tattoo Wear designed by none other than Christian Audigier. I’ve eyed his Knitted Crop Hoodie, begged for his “Love Eternal” Foiled Platinum Terry Shorts in Black, and fawned over his koi fish-adorned Drawstring Lounge Pants just last week. The thing that I have coveted the longest, however, are a pair of his Snow Blazer Boots. Tiger, Beautiful Ghost, or Love Kills Slowly...I would gladly take any design home. Since I have never had the funds to shell out $200 on one pair of shoes without feeling the repercussions of my guilty conscience for all of eternity, I simply decided to give up. But now, the perfect pair has plopped right into my lap.

These Bamboo by Journee Rock/Soul Microfiber Boots in gray from the bullseye-bearing store I like to think of as a close, personal friend – Target coupons – are my affordable Ed Hardy dream come true. It doesn’t matter to me that we are in the middle of summer, and that I will most likely not take them out of my closet until the end of the year; it’s impossible for me to simply pass up this splendrous pair of footwear.

The gray color features a purple hue giving these cozies the same type of versatility as their more neutral colored cousins black or white; even better, the shade also serves as a gorgeous backdrop to the white skulls orbited by thorny crimson red roses, and the words Rock & Soul in sassy black script.

Joan Jett may have declared her love for rock and roll; but me? I think I may have a passion for rock and soul.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Target for the picture.

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