Sunday, June 7, 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Meow, mas petites! Kitty cats may be sultry, mysterious, and sensual; but, alas, you don’t need fur to embrace your feline side. Non! Non! Non! All you need is the assistance of a little accessory that will give you all this and more. Something retro. Something fashion-forward. Something sassy, saucy, and splendrous all in one. What am I going on and on about? Well, if you haven’t already guessed for yourself darling, I suppose I’ll simply tell eye sunglasses. With a pair of these perched upon your perky nose you’ll be strutting up and down the sidewalks like a model on the runway. Or, to put it in more feline terms, like a cat on the prowl.

Ray-Ban “Oversized ‘Cat Eye’ Plastic Sunglasses” Maybe I’m simply out of the loop, but I had never fully realized the fabulousness of Ray-Ban’s until I stumbled upon their Oversized ‘Cat Eye’ Plastic Sunglasses from Bloomies – Bloomingdale’s coupons. These are not your typical oversized shades. These captivating lovelies feature frames that turn up and out at the sides, much like the dazzling eyes of a dainty feline; a trait that lends an air of mysteriousness to the look, making you feel paparazzi ready. Yet, and here is the clincher, despite the fact that they are very retro-inspired, there’s a sophistication about the style that makes them perfect for anytime or place, be it the beach or the boardroom. I’ll take them in black, please!

Plasticland “Oversized Candy Colored Cateye Sunglasses” Unless your last name is Hilton, most likely rhinestones, as opposed to diamonds, are one of your best friends; so if you’re looking to jazz up your sunglasses with a little sparkly glitz, look no further than Plasticland’s Oversized Candy Colored Cateye Sunglasses. At $12 a pair, you can stock up on six different fun colors (lavender, white, red, yellow, pale pink, and periwinkle blue) that are sure to add a bubbly burst to your wardrobe. And to really make them stand out from the crowd, three dazzling rhinestones accentuate each corner to bring out the vintage, Hollywood starlet in you.

Simply Vera “Vera Wang Cat’s-Eye Sunglasses” Don’t let the designer label frighten you away darling. These alluring sunnies are a part of Ms. Wang’s chicly affordable Kohl’s collection; thus, they are equal parts stylish and budget friendly. The burgundy offering goes down like a fine wine. The black is both graceful and gorgeous. And the tortoise pair? Simply stunning. But the piece de resistance is the metal engraved logos located at the temples that manage to provide a very upper-crust, Park Avenue vibe that is simply irresistible. I can’t help but want to take all three colors home, and don them with a multitude of pieces from my closet. Bikinis, miniskirts, summer dresses, skinny jeans…anything and everything!

Charlotte Russe “Cat Eye Sunglasses” There is something about the spring and summer seasons that make me want to cast dark colors aside and embrace punchy pinks and yummy yellows. So the discovery of these Cat Eye Sunglasses that are available in both of these scrummy colors is enough to make me kick up my heels and jump for joy. Featuring slightly gradient lenses that provide a very 60s and 70s Woodstock-influenced aura; I can’t help but feel that these stunners simply call for wedges, a hippie headband, a maxi-dress, an oversized studded handbag, and a peace sign to make them feel at home.

Bleu Dame “2456 Designer Inspired Anouk Cat Eye Sunglasses” Tom Ford’s Anouk Cat Eye Sunglasses have been a vivid part of many of my designer daydreams since the moment I first laid eyes on them. But, given the fact that I don’t have the $300 to pay for them, and they appear to have been retired to sunglass heaven, these 2456 Designer Inspired Anouk Cat Eye Sunglasses will have to do. Cute, classy, and completely in my budget; these are a fabulous alternative to the high-priced beauties I have been lusting after, and the perfect prescription for fulfilling your purr-induced fashion fantasies!

Are you ready to get catty?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bloomingdale's, Plasticland, Kohl's, Charlotte Russe, and Bleu Dame for the pictures.

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