Sunday, June 21, 2009

Destination Paris

Darlings I’m currently plagued by a dilemma of epic proportion. What has me in a tizzy? Why am I up in arms? My lack of summer plans, if you must know. Oh, how I long to languish upon the Parisian beaches in a tiny bikini and oversized floppy hat; rev the engine of a pretty pink vespa as I drive over hidden cobblestone-covered passageways; indulge in croissants and cappuccino at quiet cafes full of fashion-forward diners; stroll arm-in-arm with a cute French boy as we tour the Eiffel Tower; and, of course, shop until the fashionable Francophile in me drops into a tres chic heap. But, alas, my travel plans are a little less European and a little more local than I’d like. Thus, I have decided to interject a bit of Parisian flair into my personal bubble via a tribute of tees that bring the City of Light to life.

Wildfox Couture "I Love French Boys Tee" Leave it to Wildfox Couture to tap into our psyche and place our thoughts front and center on a plain white t-shirt emblazoned with words that the whole world will see; words that may embarrass some and create love connections for others. With their I Love French Boys Tee, the designer duo has done just that. A white backdrop plays up the red, white, and blue lettering that proclaims a passion for accented cuties; while the slightly swingy bottom and relaxed fit add a casual elegance that is entirely too hard to ignore. My name is Erika, and yes, I love French boys – and this top!

Urban Outfitters "Le Paris Open Crew" Captivated. From the moment I laid eyes upon this Le Paris Open Crew I have found myself completely captivated with it. The poppy red color is just vibrant enough to intrigue passersby without making you feel like a flashing stoplight; whilst the vintage, slightly-faded black lettering complete with the words Le Paris (with an Eiffel Tower standing in for the letter A) make it appear as if you searched high and low through every secondhand shop in the state to find such a glorious piece of fashion. When, in reality, you simply snatched it up at UO. I’ll take two, s’il vous plait!

Forever 21 "Mon Amour Paris Tee" Aside from carb-filled – yet yummy – croissants and baguettes, what two things are synonymous with Paris? Berets and cute girls with cropped haircuts, of course! Obviously the masterminds behind Forever 21 took these things into consideration when creating this Mon Amour Paris Tee, for the pale black/gray graphic print acknowledges both of these things. The beret-adorned character sketch displays long eyelashes which she seemingly bats your way when you glance at her adorableness, in addition to pouty, bow-shaped lips perfect for double-kissing the cheeks of old and new friends; while a hot pink heart rests upon her cheek, adding a punchy splash of color. Yes, she may simply be a cleverly sketched piece of make-believe, but her uncomplicated, breezy good looks paired with her adorable style have me thinking something very unusual: I want to be her!

Urban Outfitters "Oui Paris Curved Hem" Perhaps the only thing better than a top that proclaims the words “Oui Paris!” is one that also sports a chic curved hem that adds a fun, flirty, flattering kick, much like this Oui Paris Curved Hem. Perfect for styling with anything in your wardrobe – from your high-waisted pencil skirt to your skinny jeans; flouncy mini skirt to your denim shorts. It’s a versatile bit that invokes visions of Versailles. A lovely look that you can’t help but embrace. Do I want it? Oui!

Wildfox Couture "J'Adore Amore Sweat" One of my favorite words? J’adore, of course! So it’s no surprise that I would simply adore this 70s-inspired, neon pink J’Adore Amore Sweat. The slightly relaxed fit provides a simple, undemanding way to look gorgeous in a cinch, as it obviously calls for purposely mussed bedhead, and a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans or body hugging leggings to complete the look. This is a necessity for those days when you want to simply ooze lazy sass. Pardon the reiteration, but...j’adore!

My current dream destination? Paris, to be sure. Where are your current destination dreams taking you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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