Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting Ziggy With It

Every girl deserves a little drama in her life. High drama created by fashion. Something scandalous that makes people talk. A little glitz. A little glamour. With rhinestones and personality. Metallic. Sassy. Perhaps with a spritz of spice. What fits the bill? Victoria ’s Secret’s Zig-Zag Wedge Sandals, of course.

Your frayed denim mini skirt is calling for these. Your newly pedicured feet are desperate to slip into them. That little black dress you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet? These are the shoes it has been waiting for. That teeny tiny bikini you’ve been tucking away under oversized tee shirts? It’s destined to come alive when paired with these gasp-inducing goddesses.

Gorgeous gold straps wrap up and around your ankle like a leather-crafted slithering snake. Sparkly, glittering rhinestones shimmer from the heavenly harness that crosses over your toes. A 4-inch, zigging and zagging wooden heel in the back slowly slides into a mini platform in the front to produce a sultry yet sophisticated silhouette.

This is not your average footwear find. These are something seen only in dreams. They aren’t made just for the beach. Or that glamorous dinner party you’ve been invited to. Don’t just reserve them for the weekend. Or keep them locked up in your closet for your once-a-month girls’ night out. Pair them with your skinny jeans and menswear-inspired white button down for shopping sprees. Proudly display them with your skirted business suit in the office. Wear them anywhere and everywhere. After all, by the looks of these beauties, they were obviously created to inspire you to unleash the paparazzi-stalked diva that’s lurking underneath that shy fa├žade. Go ahead, make them proud!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Victoria's Secret for the pictures.

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